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Defender Picks


Vox of the (Silver) Fox

Edwin Edwards Talks Policy With NoDef

The race for Representative in Louisiana’s Sixth District has generated plenty of hoopla. Such is often the case when four time Governor Edwin Edwards steps into frame. However, after one disposes with the reality shows, comeback stories, and a very public marriage, the issues of governance remain. NoDef talked to the Silver Fox about the substance behind the circus.



Legislators vie for committee appointments like kids chasing beads at a parade. When asked what committee he covets, Edwards first named Infrastructure and Transportation which governs public works. He explained, “That’s where the money for infrastructure originates.”


In the Sixth, he singled out the traffic conditions in Baton Rouge along the I-10 corridor. Edwards declared that he would first convene a committee of experts to study the problem. He suggested either a tunnel under or a bridge under the stretch as a means of letting people who want to bypass the city do so. Another option he contemplated is building an alternative, bypass route.


EWE also expressed a desire to serve on the Agriculture Committee stating, “Agriculture is very important not just to the Sixth District but to all of Louisiana and to all of the country.”


In the Sixth District he said the issues were with sugar cane. “The sugar cane industry is facing some problems with the cheap, discounted import of sugar products out of the nation of Mexico… I want to level the playing field so that our farmers are not disadvantaged.”



Energy, another major industry in the Pelican State, also elicited strong opinions from the Cajun Prince. The Governor pushed for some green options saying, “I would continue developing alternative sources such as solar and wind power which are infinite.”


However, he was not dismissive of fossil fuels. “I would continue to emphasize the use of natural gas to produce electricity.” Edwards voiced his support for fracturing (or “fracking”) and then continued, “Having said that we need to recognize that we are overly dependent on the import of foreign crude.”


Edwards noted that the US is predicted to be self sufficient by 2015, but did not consider that a reason to slow production. He declared, “I think we should drill more and produce oil and natural gas wherever and whenever it is found.”


Every Man

Of course, the election boils down to individuals. Edwards’ political career and packed schedule attest to his mastery of pressing the flesh. Asked what he has learned about the priorities of Sixth District voters after all of those meetings, he did not hesitate. “They want to know how federal finances will affect their lives. How the government will work for them as opposed to impose conditions on their private lives.”


When pressed for a couple specific issues, Edwards led with flood insurance and then segued into the coastline. With his trademark passion, EWE declared, “The receding coastline and its effect on marsh has been overlooked for many years. We need to find out who and what caused the damage, how we can fix it, and who’s going to pay the money to fix it.”



Edwards has no illusions about the state of partisan politics in Washington D.C. Still he is baffled by the inability to find common ground on some issues. “I find it difficult to understand why the Republican controlled House of Representatives won’t address equal pay. Won’t address minimum wage. Won't make at least an effort to provide a solution to immigration.”


Despite the realities, he is an optimist rattling off a classic EWE quip, “I tell people don’t worry I can’t make it any worse, but maybe I can make it a little better.”


As the interview wound down, Edwards spoke softy and earnestly about his reasons for running. “I like public service. I like to be in a position where I can get things done. A lot of average citizens have noone to turn to. I have experience being someone that listens and helps… I believe that I can make a contribution and I’m going to try.”

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