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Defender Picks


Vitter Muddies the Waters

Scott Angelle and Jay Dardenne nipping at David Vitter’s heels in the latest round of gubernatorial polls and the heir apparent is feeling the heat. Vitter responded to his sinking numbers by turning on the hose and lobbing some mud at his opponents this week.


In a new commercial titled “Twins,” the Vitter camp attempts to tie Scott Angelle to Obama. He leads with the lob—the fact that Angelle was a registered Democrat for 31 years—and then moves on to welfare. The silent senator states that "to expand the Obamaphone program, to give people on welfare free cell phones and free internet that you paid for.”

At a Monday (9.21) debate, Angelle was asked about the ad. ”We all know you don't get attacked unless you're right on somebody's heels,” he replied.


Oddly, the second line of attack focuses on an environmental disaster linked to the energy industry. Pro-Pro-Vitter PAC Fund for Louisiana’s Future is airing another 30 second spot attacking Angelle for his handling of the Bayou Corne sinkhole which is labelled “Scott’s Sinkhole.”


Jay Dardenne also found himself with some mud on his face. An official Vitter campaign commercial accuses Dardenne of being liberal and soft on immigration. According to the video, the “illegals are taking are jobs, crowding our schools, and costing us a fortune.” The narrator concludes, “Jay Dardenne’s ideas are not just liberal, they’re dangerous.” At the debate, the alleged liberal attacked the attack ads stating, that they are "purposely designed to mislead the public."


For lagniappe, we also threw in this 2010 classic in which Vitter tries to attack Charlie Melancon over immigration.

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