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Twelfth Bite: A Few New Takes on King Cake

The holidays are barely over, and that means it's once again time for the dawn of Carnival season. The excitement of breaking your tooth on a plastic baby and overload on gold, green and purple sugar, is in the air, and that can only mean it's King Cake season. Carnival season, the time of parades and parties that run up to Mardi Gras, officially starts on Sunday. But bakers have their production lines going full tilt on Saturday. Here's a few of this season's new takes on the timeless tradition:


Pure Cake (5035 Freret) offers two tasty alternatives to your average cinnamon roll. They fill one cake with caramel and the other with a mouth-watering mix of caramel and cream cheese.  Since Pure only opened last year after Mardi Gras, this year marks their first king cake making attempt.  Official king cake production starts Saturday, just in time for the weekend, but will be limited to ten per day, certain to go quickly.  For those looking to feed an entire household plus a few, Pure Cake king cake serves 12 to 14 people. Gotta soak up that alcohol somehow.  


Maybe you’d rather do away with the cake all together and small bites is your style. In that case Bee Sweet Cupcakes (5706 Magazine) has the perfect king cake cupcake waiting for someone to devour in one over-eager bite.  


“They’re my favorite cupcake.  It’s one of our more popular items.  People get really excited about it,” said Bee Sweet's Courtney O’Donnell.


For a second year (enough time to work out all the kinks), Bee Sweet has already started selling their cinnamon roll creation topped with a vanilla powdered sugar glaze, traditional green, gold and purple sprinkles and, of course,  a baby.  Although they plan to make a couple dozen daily, cupcakes sell out fast.    


At Gracious Bakery (1000 S Jefferson Davis Pkwy.), King Cake and chocolate lovers can find a happy medium. The new Woodward Building spot offers eight inches of chocolate deliciousness inside their Chocolate Cinnamon Carnival treats. Look for their rollout on Jan. 8.


Stay with NoDef for more sweet King Cake coverage throughout Carnival season.

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