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Tropical Update: TS Cindy Comes to Louisiana

Less than three weeks into hurricane season, and the first named storm of the year is on its way to Louisiana. Tropical Storm Cindy has been brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, and is scheduled to hit the southeastern U.S. and gulf coasts, as early as Tuesday evening. 


According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)’s National Hurricane Center division, rains are expected through Friday morning. The NHC is referring to the storm at Potential Tropical Cyclone Three, and stated at 5:51AM that the storm is “getting better organized and is expected to approach the Louisiana coast on Wednesday.” 


At 11:43AM, the National Weather Service’s New Orleans division officially declared the tropical storm, but advised that this declaration did not change any of the expected impacts across southeastern Louisiana.





The general forecast cites a northwestern move toward the the Louisiana coastline, with maximum wind speeds of 40MPH. Heavy rains are anticipated from Tuesday through Thursday, with 1-3 feet coast flooding possible. 


“Public safety is our top priority and right now we are monitoring this activity closely,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu said in a statement. “This tropical disturbance could potentially impact us beginning tonight. New Orleans is no stranger to natural disasters, which is why we strongly encourage every resident to take action now and plan ahead.” Landrieu has postponed his State of the City Address, scheduled for Wednesday morning, due to TS Cindy. 


Governmental officials have encouraged all New Orleanians to prepare for the storm. The City of New Orleans’ comprehensive and somewhat self-explanatory preparedness tips are below:

  1. Make a plan to make sure every family member knows what to do, who to call, and where to go during an emergency. 
  2. Gather supplies you’ll need in case tropical weather requires you to shelter in place without power, running water or access to groceries. 
  3. Stay informed by signing up for emergency alerts, watching the news, and following @nolaready on social media. Keep mobile phone near at all times to monitor updates.
  4. Secure or bring inside all loose outdoor objects, including lawn furniture, signs, trash, and garbage and recycling bins.
  5.  Keep catch basins and storm drains clear of debris and disposing of leaves and other yard waste properly.
  6. Avoid driving as much as possible. Avoid driving through floodwaters and be careful of low visibility.
  7. Practice alternate routes out In a disaster roads may be blocked, buses and city transportation shut down or re-routed, or streets impassable. Each family member should know all possible exit routes from you home and your neighborhood.


Stay with NoDef for updates on TS Cindy. 

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