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Tropical Update: Hurricane Harvey Forms in Texas

The storms hovering over Texas for the last several days don't seem satisfied enough to stay in the Lone Star state. This week, city officials have been preparing New Orleans for impact from Hurricane Harvey, even though weather reports forecast that the Category 4 tropical storm will not hit New Orleans directly. Though evacuation is not advised, there is plenty that city dwellers can do to prepare for the heavy rains coming our way. 


According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)'s Public Advisory issued Saturday (8.26) at 10AM, Harvey is expected to produce "15 to 30 inches" of rainfull in middle and upper Texas coast, and produce "5 to 15" inches in other regions of Texas and central Louisiana. According to the NOAA, this amount of rainfall will result in "catastrophic and life-threatening flooding." The advisory also warned of similarly dangerous surf and rip conditions in Louisiana, as well as the threat of tornadoes "into far southwest Louisiana." 


The National Weather Service's New Orleans division warns that Harvey could cause heavy rains through next week. At 6:20AM, the NWS noted that "the future track of Harvey remains highly uncertain through the upcoming week" and that there is "a lot of uncertainty and small changes [that] could lead to large changes in impacts." 




On Friday (8.26), Mayor Mitch Landrieu encouraged residents to take precautions. "Remember that you could lose power, so plan for at least three days' worth of supplies, including water, food, and medications," he said in a statement. In the same announcement, city officials noted that should the need for shelter arise, four locations will be announced across the city. 


Stay with NoDef for updates on Hurricane Harvey. 

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