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Tropical Update: Hurricane Humberto Strengthens, Disturbance Heads for Gulf

The weather wizards at the National Hurricane Center are busy this week, but they aren't predicting any threats to Southeast Louisiana at the moment. Four areas in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico are contuining to churn, with Hurricane Humberto strengthening over the last 24 hours.


Still located on the other side of the Atlantic, Humberto has picked up some wind speed since beginning to move away from the Cape Verde Islands. Currently the Category 1 storm is moving north at 15 mph, packing maximum winds of 85 mph. But all this time pumping Humberto up might be short-lived, as the system is still expected to hit cool temperatures and weaken over the next two days. Nevertheless, the storm was found to be larger than previously thought, so all should keep vigil as it treks across the ocean.


Closer to the Gulf, a low pressure area that's attracted attention from the NHC is getting set to move out from over the Yucatan Peninsula into the Bay of Campeche. That's when the low is most likely to become a tropical cyclone, if it becomes one at all. Development is looking likely right now, as the system has an 80 percent chance of becoming a tropical system in the next two days, and a  90 percent chance of turning into a tropical system over the next five days. Once it reaches the Southern Gulf of Mexico, the disturbance is expected to move very slowly, according to the NHC.


Forecasters are also keeping an eye on a separate low pressure system in the Atlantic Ocean, which currently has a less likely chance of developing. That system, located 450 mi. east of the Leeward Islands, isn't exactly producing buckets of rain at the moment. Nevertheless, NHC forecasters believe it could run into upper-level winds that make development more likely. At this point, they give the system a 20 percent chance of developing over the next two days.


Tropical Storm Gabrielle got depressed late Wednesday, then pulled herself together again. But she remains a threat to no one on land, as she appears to have packed it in and headed north. Currently located off the East Coast of the U.S. with 40 mph maximum winds, Gabrielle is expected to continue drifting at around 8 mph before reaching Canadian waters.



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