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Defender Picks


Today's Events: 9.7.11

September 7, when the first game of rugby was played in England (1895), the end of the Chinese Boxer Rebellion (1901), the first Miss America Pageant (1921), the election of Nikita Khrushchev as head of the Soviet Communist Party (1953), and the debut of ESPN (1979); it’s Buddy Holly’s (1936) and Eazy-E’s (1963) birthdays, and Tupac’s (1996) and Warren Zevon’s (2003) deaths.


5:00PM: Behind the Scenes of ‘The Pacific’- Show some HBO pride for a different show, for a change; this four hour event features the historical advisor and author of the companion book of The Pacific, and includes a reception, presentation, screening of the Miniseries’ sixth episode, and book signing, accompanied by a Q&A. The event is free, but registration is a must (click here or here) (National WWII Museum)


5:30PM: Culture Collision- Welcome the fall season with tonight’s 3rd N.O. Culture Collision, where fifty of the city’s visual and performance art organizations present themselves to its citizens. This is a free WWNO sponsored event, with an after party held in the Sculpture Garden from 8-10pm. Free food will be provided by Meltdown (even though it’s too cold for ice pops!) and Sugarbakers cupcakes, and specialty drinks on The Allways Lounge house, with DJ Matty on the ones and twos (NOMA)


10:00PM: O’Death, Why are we Building Such a Big Ship?- An alt-country band from Brooklyn, NY? Does it make more sense if we told you they went to SUNY Purchase? We thought so. Going eight years strong, O’Death throws together drum, bass, fiddle, banjo, ukelele, and some vocals to boot to create a folk/bluegrass/punk/metal experience. Only so diverse a sound can be matched by local favorites Why are we Building Such a Big Ship, who have even more instruments, and elemental styles at play. The two groups come together for a night of darkly lit Americana at the darkly lit OEJ (One Eyed Jacks)


And Wednesday's weeklies: FONPL’s book sale at the Latter Library Carriage House, Tom McDermott and Meschiya Lake at Chickie Wah Wah, Aurora Nealand at Mimi’s, the Tin Men at DBA, and Treme Brass Band at Candlelight.

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