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Defender Picks


Today's Events: 6.6.11

June 6, when the first slaves arrive in Louisiana (1716), when Levi Strauss makes his first blue jeans (1850), Tetris is released (1984), Uncle Kracker is born (1974), Carl Jung dies (1961), Memorial Day in South Korea, National Day in Sweden, Teacher’s Day in Bolivia, Queensland Day in Queensland, and National Huntington’s Disease Awareness Day in the United States. In conclusion, here's how we would celebrate Tetris's birthday:


7:30PM: The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls- Tonight is the last night to see a film that has been very well received since coming to town. A New Zealand lesbian couple (of yodelers), share their story through music and anecdotes; it’s no every day life, or film (Zeitgeist)


8:00PM: Charismatic Battle- This event’s claim to fame is that it’s the only auto-authoritarian mind control experiment and drinking game in town. Is it just us, or does sound like it’s something that happens all the time, if not every day? Still this is one of a kind, and a steal for $3. Who knows what this is really all about…all the more reason to find out (Antenna Gallery)


10:00: The Protomen- Video game concept albumers come from Nashville, TN to rock and roll fable out OEJ, with Mega Ran and K-Murdock. They’re mysterious dudes, and like to stay that way (hence a cult following linked to their dedication to the game series Mega Man), so discern what you can, while you can (One Eyed Jacks)


10:00PM: Eternal Summers- We think they say it best on their facebook profile, typos and all: ‘We make pop muisc like we make pop music like we make punk music like we make sounds.’ The Saint goes Dream Pop tonight, to kick into that acid-washed, overexposed summer vibe. The Beets and Lonesome Ghost chime in as well (The Saint)


10:00PM: Guitar Wolf, Cheap Time, Hans Condor, King Louie’s Missing Monuments- Noise influenced punk from Nagasaki, Japan, plug into Siberia along with two Nashville nodes (Cheap Time, Hans Condor) and some locals (Missing Monuments). Word on the street is the show will sell out, with no door price options altogether, so plan ahead, just this once (Siberia)

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