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Today in NOLA 8.30.17

Today, celebrate the intersection of arts and non-profits with Culture Collision. Demetri Martin will perform a comedy show at Tulane, while Walter "Wolfman" Washington plays his weekly gig on Frenchmen. NOLA's drag school graduates showcase what they learned at the Allways Lounge. Happy birthday Huey P. Long, who was born this day in 1893. Now, more to do this Wednesday. 


Culture Collision (CAC, 5:30PM)

The ninth Culture Collision will bring together almost 90 visual art and performance orgs from around the city tonight at the Contemporary Arts Center. The event offers a chance to find out what all these different entities do, where they have shows and plot out how you can better spend that limited amount of time that doesn't require working.


Demetri Martin (Tulane University, 8PM)

Demetri Martin carved a spot for himself in the comedy scene in the early 2000s as "Senior Youth Correspondent" on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and his own Comedy Central series Important Things. Martin's stand-up, which blends absurdist scenarios and deadpan delivery with drawings, one-liners, and musical accompaniment and interludes. Tonight, he is performing show free and open to the public. 


V is For...  (Allways Lounge, 8PM)

CeCe V. Dementhe produces this showcase for the fifth graduating class of the Vinsantos Drag Workshop. Nancy Shame will host the show, which will feature Dementhe as well as Dede Onassis, Quinn LaRoux, Annie Bacterial, Smokestack Lightnin', Holden Doves, Sir Ren Dipity, Franky, and Duchess Ovens. 


Walter "Wolfman" Washington (d.b.a., 10PM)

As a young man in the 1950s and 1960s, Walter “Wolfman” Washington played in the bands of artists like Lee Dorsey and Irma Thomas. Later, he developed his singing style beside Johnny Adams, the legendary New Orleans gospel and blues singer. These days, Washington plays blues, funk, and soul with his band the Roadmasters. 


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