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Defender Picks


Today in NOLA: 6.08.16

Tonight, the free concerts continue and Buckethead is in town. Plus, some local favorites are taking the stage. On this day in 1939, saxophonist and New Orleans native Sidney Bechet recorded “Summertime,” a jazz classic for the season. Plan your day trip right here:


Wednesdays at the Point (Algiers Point, 5:30p.m.)

In the second week of this year’s free riverfront concert series on the West Bank, zydeco great Chubby Carrier performs. Carrier comes from Churchpoint, La, raised in a long line of Zydeco royalty. He’s traveled the world and recorded ten albums, but tonight, he’s home in Louisiana.


Buckethead (HOB, 9p.m.)

With Slash back in Gn’R, this talented guitarist is solo again. Buckethead is widely hailed as one of the most talented musicians out there. He is able to play numerous instruments across just about any genre. As for his name, it comes from his signature attire, a KFC bucket on his head.


Meschiya Lake & Tom McDermott (Chickie Wah Wah, 8p.m.)

You’re not likely to mistake Meschiya Lake for any other jazz singer. With fiery hair, colorful tattoos, and a bold singing voice, this South Dakota native turned New Orleans local wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s known for a contemporary update on vintage jazz, brought to life with unique stage presence and deep appreciation for the past. McDermott shares that appreciation on the keys. The virtuoso can play anything from ragtime to funk, but tends to skew towards the standards. Together, the combo is a must-see.


Tin Men (d.b.a., 7p.m.)

The Tin Men are sousaphonist Matt Perrine, guitarist and singer Alex McMurray, and Washboard Chaz (you’ll guess what he plays). Together, the three describe themselves as the world’s premiere washboard-sousaphone-guitar trio. It’s not hard to be the best when you’re the only, but trust us—these guys are the real deal. Catch them this and every Wednesday evening at d.b.a. on Frenchmen.

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