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Defender Picks


Today in NOLA 4.19.17

Today, local artists and activist will discuss queer arts in New Orleans past, present, and future. Check out the Allways for some readings that will spice up your date night. If you’re feeling more like being scared, Bar Redux is screening a double bill of "The Thing.” Archaeologist Jim Bruseth will discuss his efforts to excavate French explorer ship La Belle. On this day in 1960, Gov. Jimmie Davis was elected. Now, more to do this hump day.


Discussion: Jim Bruseth (533 Royal St., 6PM)

The Historic New Orleans Collection presents a lecture with archaeologist Jim Bruseth, who will discuss his efforts to excavate La Belle, one of France's final ships to the New World which was discovered in 1995 at the bottom of the Texas coast over 300 years after it went missing. Bruseth will discuss the more than two decades it took researchers to locate and excavate the ship, as well as the historical discoveries and mysteries surrounding the ship’s lead explorer René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle.


Esoterotica (The Allways Lounge, 7PM)

Over a dozen local writers will read original erotica to the eager crowd at the Allways. This month’s theme is "SeductionConnectionIntimacy Starts in the Mind." To celebrate National Poetry Month, the New Orleans Public Library is setting up a pop-up library of erotica, poetry, and more at the event. 


Queerspective (NOLA Community Printshop, 7:30PM)

NOLA printmaker and zinester Kiernan Dunn will facilitate the discussion on queer arts and artists past, present, future. On the panel will be transgender activist Tela Love, Devin O. Saurus, artist Colin Roberson, and the local Queer Cartography project. 


Movie Screening: The Thing & The Thing (Bar Redux, 9PM)

Bar Redux teams up with Strange Creatures to present a double bill of the 1982 and 2011 versions of “The Thing.” The 80’s John Carpenter version is a remake of the 50’s film “The Thing From Another World,” and tells the story of a body-jumping alien terrorizing a team of researchers in Antartica. Almost 30 years later, the 2011 movies tells the story of how the Thing came to be. 

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