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Today in NOLA 4.11.17

Today is a good day for the movies — whether you’re looking for something refined like the French flick “The Red Balloon” or want to see JCVD pummel some dudes at the Kumite in “Bloodsport.” Ariana Grande is taking the arena with her superstar show. Tasting Tuesdays offers the finest wines around the world — tonight’s focus is on the vinos of the USA. The locally inspired HBO series Treme premiered on this day in 2010. Now, more events happening this Tuesday. 


Tasting Tuesdays (343 Baronne St., 6:30PM)

Learn about the wines of the New World — from making, ordering, opening, and yes, tasting a selection of vino from the USA and Southern Hemisphere. The appropriate food selections will also be on hand for a well-rounded experience for your palate.  


Ariana Grande (Smoothie King Center, 7:30PM)

Ariana Grande is now a "Dangerous Woman.”  The singer’s tour features plenty of glitz, bright lights, backup dancers, and costume changes — likely not including her once-signature cat ears — for a nonstop superstar show. 


Movie Screening: The Red Balloon (The Mudlark Public Theatre, 8:30PM)

The 1956 French fantasy film about a boy who meets a balloon with a mind all its own will be screened at the Mudlark with live musical accompaniment from the band Think Less, Hear More. Surprise short films are also promised on the lineup. 


Movie Screening: Bloodsport (The Broad Theater, 9:45PM)

The Broad offers a $2 Tuesday screening of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s classic “Bloodsport.” JCVD plays Frank Dux, a U.S. solider-turned-fighter who travels to the seedy underbelly of the Hong Kong fight scene to compete in the Kumite, an extreme martial arts competition. After the screening, be sure to Google the real Frank Dux — it’s wild. 


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