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Tis' The Season

2016 Carnival Parade Schedule

In most years, the day after of the Epiphany is a little early to worry about parade schedules, but Mardi Gras comes early in 2015. So, the floats will be rolling in a couple of weeks. Even with a fairly fixed schedule, the dozens of options (combined with the seasonal libations) can make it all a little confusing. So, NoDef offers our annaul guide to the Carnival parades.



Krewe du Vieux (6:30 PM, French Quarter and Marigny) 

The satire-packed walking parade featuring horse-drawn floats, brass bands and plenty of flying private parts. Quuen of Bounce Big Freedia was also be this year's Queen of KdV.


krewedelusion (7:00 PM, French Quarter and Marigny) 

Krewe du Vieux's upstart stepdaughter, this satirical krewe rolls behind the older satirical krewe, heralding New Orleans as the center of the universe - and therefore subject to ridicule. 



Krewe of Cork (French Quarter, 3:00 PM)

A favorite foot parade of locals, Krewe of Cork celebrates wine! For a few hours, one might catch site of nearly a hundred locals dresssed as grapes, glasses, and bottles meandering through the Quarter. And, yes, there is vino!


Krewe of Oshun (Uptown-St. Charles route, 6:00 PM) 

This night parade kicks off the after-dark marches along St. Charles Ave. Winding through Uptown to the CBD, the many marching bands and traditional floats get parade goers raring to go for the big show, as well as pay tribute to the strength and bond of families.


Krewe of Cleopatra (Uptown - St. Charles route, 6:30 PM) 

After 39 years of making the West Bank its marching home, this female krewe moved over to the Uptown route for 2013. With a theme of  "Strolling Down The Avenue," Cleopatra is sure to thrill spectators with her strut.



Krewe of Pontchartrain (Uptown - St. Charles route, 1:00 PM) 

Marching since 1975, this krewe celebrates the lake that forms its namesake. With celebrity riders and a rich tradition, this march clears the way for a full day of processions down St. Charles Ave.


Krewe of Choctaw (Uptown-St. Charles route, 1:30 p.m.) 

Another 2013 transfer from the West Bank, this storied parade pays homage to Chief Choctaw. This parade prides themselves on a family friendly roll.


Krewe of Freret (Uptown, 2:00 PM)

Freret is only a few years old, but they have already grown to 18 floats. The riders are a younger set and it shows in the high energy roll.Hand decorated Venetian style masks are the signature throw. El Lucha Krewe, a group of Mexican wrestlers, are the signature sub-krewe.


Knights of Sparta (Uptown - St. Charles route, 6:00 PM) 

Like many krewes, the Knights of Sparta host events year round to benefit the community. But the biggest delights come as night falls on Carnival's first major Saturday of parades. Flash back to the glories of City-States with this reliably rollicking krewe boasting 18 floats and 14 bands.


Krewe of Pygmalion (Uptown - St. Charles route, 6:30 PM) 

Founded in 2000, Pygmalion is unique for featuring male and female riders, showering the masses with treasures side by side. This year's royalty will be equally generous to their loyal subjects. King Richard Geraci and Queen Jessica Lewis are set for the ride of their lives.


tit "Rex" (St. Roch and N. Robertson, 5:00 PM) 

After some tumult that involved a clash with the Carnival royalty of Rex ended with their e turning into a schwa, New Orleans' microkrewe got back to basics. In this downtown street parade, shoebox sized floats simultaneously delight crowds with their tiny details, and hold the lampoon to Carnival traditions. They even have tiny throws.


Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus (Marigny, 8:00 PM) 

Setting a course for the Marigny once again, the sci fi enthusiasts that make up the Krewe of Chewbacchus built a massive armada in short time. The real Chewbacca - Peter Mayhew is a regualr. In 2016, Corey Glover and the cast "NCIS: New Orleans" will march with the group. Lagniappe also includes a Chewluminati Pyramid with an interactive All Seeing Eye, as well as a Reptillian Delorean Pope Mobile. Once again endeavor to go to ends of the universe that few Carnival krewes dare to go. 


SUNDAY, Jan. 31

Mystic Krewe of Femme Fatale (Uptown, 11:00a.m.)

Started in 2013, the Femme Fatales are coming into their own this year. Founding members include some known names like Nakisha Ervin-Knott and Laverne Saulny. The all female krewe which aims to welcome women of all colors and creeds will throw designer ladies' comapcts.


Krewe of Carrollton (Uptown - St. Charles route, Noon) 

Founded by a group of Oak St. businessmen in 1924, this year's edition of the Krewe of Carrollton is set to take to the Uptown streets to give a little back to all the residents of New Orleans that provide for them. JAs of yet unnmaed royalty will no doubt bestow grace and a wealth of throws on their loyal subjects, as the midday sun arrives for another day of St. Charles splendor.


Krewe of King Arthur (Uptown - St. Charles route, 1:15 p.m.) 

This 25-year-old krewe comes to New Orleans each year from beyond the shores of Pontchartrain, carrying with them more than a few surprises for those who delight in their unique brand of Carnival pageantry. With more than 450 members ready to roll, this year's march should be no different.


Krewe of Alla (Uptown, 1:30 PM) 

Founded in 1932, Alla counts itself as New Orleans fifth-oldest parade krewe. Initially parading in Algiers, the krewe expanded to include Gretna and Terrytown over the years. In 2014, Alla moved Uptown.


Mystic Krewe of Barkus (French Quarter, 2 p.m.) 

The Mardi Gras parade that revolves around the dogs is always a highlight on the Carnival calendar. This year's theme of "From The Dog House to the White House" will take aim at the current electoral cycle. Barkus XIV  will lead his courtly canines through the streets of the Vieux Carre in full costume.



Krewe of Ancient Druids (Uptown - St. Charles route, 6:30 PM) 

Of all Mardi Gras krewes, perhaps the fewest details are known about the Krewe of Ancient Druids. But on the final Wednesday of each Carnival season, these wizards emerge from their abbey to throw joy onto the anxious onlookers.


Krewe of Nyx (Uptown - St. Charles route, 7:00 PM) 

Named after the goddess of light, this all-female krewe formed from the waiting list of Thursday night's Carnival legends and quickly outpaced their sisters to become the largest all-female krew in Carnival. They are no less dazzling, with riders carrying homemade purses that are distributed with the utmost discretion. These ladies are raring to take their second ride down St. Charles, and the crowds are equally set to bask in their elegance.



Knights of Babylon (Uptown-St. Charles route, 5:30 PM) 

Bringing the ancient Mesopotamian city to the streets of New Orleans, the Knights of Babylon form a fitting prelude to one of Carnival season's most anticipated evenings. With floats like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Gates of Ishmar, there's no mistake about the rich artistry that goes into New Orleans' signature season.


Krewe of Chaos (Uptown-St. Charles route, 6:30 PM) 

This Sulphur-based Carnival krewe brings a satirical slant that few other marching groups are able to match. The extended parade reminds all subjects that the main event of Mardi Gras is fast approaching.


Krewe of Muses (Uptown-St.Charles route, 6:30 PM) 

Step aside, gentlemen. The modern Carnival celebration features an all-female krewe as one of its featured parades. Boasting innovative throws, society-skewering themes, heart-stopping artistic displays and fabulous celebrity riders, the Muses give the Carnival faithful all they could ever hope to receive.



Divine Protectors of Endangered Pleasures or DIVA (French Quarter, 1:30 PM)

This all-female walking krewe can be spotted through a preponderance of elaborate bustiers. They begin their day holding court from the balcony of Arnaud's and then pick up some Elvi, some excorts, and the Riverboat Ramblers before making their way through the Quarter.


Krewe of Hermes (Uptown-St. Charles route, 6:00 PM) 

Making way for another night of mischief and merrymaking, the Krewe of Hermes was founded in 1937, and remains one of Carnival's most revered marching groups. Many of its royalty remains secret, but the delight of the parade is hardly a mystery to the route-side rousters.


Le Krewe d'tEat (Uptown-St. Charles route, 6:30 PM) 

Entering Carnival in 1996 with the aim of overthrowing Carnival's overlords, Le Krewe d'Etat settled into the marching schedule without much fuss. But they continue to delight the masses with ribald wit that aims a rapier at all of New Orleans' movers and shakers. Glowing, original throws only add to the delight when this band goes marching


Krewe of Morpheus (Uptown-St. Charles route, 7:00 PM) 

Another co-ed krewe that delights the St. Charles Ave. crowds, Morpheus makes sure to top off the masses' riches with plush toys, and no shortage of artistry in their floats.



Krewe of Iris (Uptown-St. Charles route, 11:00 AM) 

With the final countdown to Mardi Gras upon the city, New Orleanians have no trouble rising early on a Saturday to witness the hundreds of women that make up one of Carnival's oldest krewes take to the streets again. Crowds keep their eyes open for a valuable Iris medallion, while the rich artistry of the floats delights.


Krewe of Tucks (Uptown-St. Charles route, Noon) 

Any leak will easily be fixed by a Tucks plunger. This irreverent krewe began at since-closed bar Friar Tuck's in 1969, and continues to sharpen the rapier for any politician and public figure that dares to cross their path. This year's theme is Tucks Uncovers History.


Krewe of Endymion (Mid-City, 4:30 p.m.) 

One of Carnival's longest parades, the superkrewe of Endymion gives new meaning to grandeur. Their huge triple-rig Pontchartrain Beach float, and corresponding throws have quickly become a signature along with high-tech floats. However, their greatest distinction is laying claim to the only remaining Mid-City route. One step ahead of the rest of the krewes and long enough to last all night, there's a reason parade-goers stake out a spot long before Saturday dawns.


SUNDAY, Feb. 7

Krewe of Okeanos (Uptown-St. Charles route, 11:00 AM) 

Parading since 1949, the Krewe of Okeanos is heavy on tradition. The group has embraced their role as the kickstart to Carnival's biggest Sunday, giving carousers with every reason to stake out a spot early on Bacchus Sunday.


Krewe of Mid-City (Uptown-St. Charles route, 11:45 a.m.) 

Such is the alternate universe of this time of year that puts the Krewe of Mid-City on the Uptown parade route. With artist Ricardo Pustanio at the helm of the design of the krewe's signature floats, the 84th edition of this long-running parade is sure to bring smiles to the Carinval faithful.


Krewe of Thoth (Uptown-St. Charles route, Noon) 

More than 1,200 riders and 40 floats are set to take to the streets for the 70th edition of a parade with as unique a mission as a route. Setting out to bring the joys of Carnival to the sick and infirm, Thoth continues to pass the sites of the same Uptown institutions on State St., Henry Clay St. and Magazine that it passed in the first days.


Box of Wine (St. Charles Ave., after Thoth) 

The walking krewe known as Box of Wine emerges again from the backstreets of Central City to pave the way for the Bacchanalian triduum to come for those staked out in anticipation of the coming superkrewe night.


Krewe of Bacchus (Uptown-St. Charles route, 5:15 PM) 

In the late 1960s, the new dream of the superkrewe emerged, and Bacchus was at the forefront. Boasting almost 1,500 members and a celebrity King that is always a highlight of the Carnival schedule, Bacchus maintains its place to this day as one of the most anticipated marches of the schedule.



Krewe of Proteus (Uptown-St. Charles route, 5:15 p.m.) A

fter New Orleanians finish the preparations for Mardi Gras Day, the celebrations return on Lundi Gras night. Founded in 1882, Proteus retains its spot as the second-oldest parading krewe in all of Carnival. Many of the float chassis that were used in the krewe's early parades are still in use today. King Proteus' identity remains a secret to the public, but he is immediately recognizable by the passing of his iconic shell float.


Krewe of Orpheus (Uptown-St. Charles route, 6:00 p.m.)

Co-founder Harry Connick Jr. made certain that htis super-krewe features strong musical underpinnings. 2016's theme is "The King's Beastiary."The last big show before Mardi Gras morn features lots of multi-unit foats such as the eight unit “Steam Locomotive” float and the 139 foot “Sea Monster” float.



Jefferson City Buzzards (Uptown, 6:45 a.m.) 

Founded in the late 1800s, the Buzzards are among the oldest of all Carnival organizations, much less walking krewes. The members may be all men, but they aren't afraid to show devotion to the opposite sex by dressing as women for their annual saunter down St. Charles.


Lyons Carnival Club (Uptown, 7 a.m.) 

Making 10 different stops, the Lyons club proves it was founded by a group of soldiers with utmost dedication to making the most of a Mardi Gras Day. Eventually, the walking krewe ends at Molly's at the Market on Decatur for a high celebration. Touting flower covered canes, the Lyons embrace their role as the jesters of Fat Tuesday. Look for a practice march before the parades get fully swinging.


Mondo Kayo (Uptown, 7:45 a.m.) 

Devoted to Carribbean and African cultures, this walking krewe quickly becomes a dancing krewe when the music gets piping from its mobile speaker system. After a long march from Uptown, the krewe ends up on Frenchmen, fueling an all-day dance party where anything usually goes.


Corner Carnival Club (Second and Annunciation, 7 a.m.) 

Named for the spot where it begins and ends, this walking krewe is known for the kisses and carnations they bring to many a Mardi Gras lady.


Pete Fountain's Half-Fast Walking Club (Uptown, 7:30 a.m.) 

Even before Zulu hits the streets, clarinet legend leads his walking krewe onto the streets to wake up the city of New Orleans for its big party.


Zulu Social Aide and Pleasure Club (Uptown-Mid-City, 8:00 a.m.) 

The storied African American krewe is set to dole out coconuts and joy to wake up the city for Mardi Gras morning once again. Joining Rex as one of the monarchs of all Carnival, King Zulu won his campaign and is ready to be crowned and burst onto the streets with the Mayor, Witch Doctor, Big Shot and other characters.


Rex (Uptown, 10:00 AM) 

Transporting the King of Carnival on its legendary ride, and the iconic floats of Mardi Gras like the Bouef Gras, the Rex organization holds fast to Carnival traditions. Doubloons and medallions are the prizes of Shrove Tuesday as the krewe that was founded in 1872 carries out the official celebration to its fullest.


Societe de Saint Anne (Marigny, 10:00 AM) 

Not all of Mardi Gras Day is concentrated on St. Charles Ave. In the Marigny, residents come out in colorful costumes of their own making to mark New Orleans' highest of holidays. The loosely-organized parade follows a traditional jazz band down Royal St. to the French Quarter, where full Mardi Gras celebrations continue until nightfall.


KOE (French Quarter, 10 a.m.) 

A "cyber" krewe made up of Mardi Gras enthusiasts from around the world who come together by the magic of the Internet, the Krewe of Elvis (KOE) sets out to distribute doubloons and share their Carnival obsession in the French Quarter on Mardi Gras Day. Join them on a live chat all year long. 


Elks Orleanians, Crescent City Trucks (Uptown-St. Charles route, after Rex) 

Truck parades prove that anyone with a pickup and a handful of friends can get in on the parade route fun. There's no shortage of creativity and lagniappe during these parades, as they provide the St. Charles crowds with plenty of reasons to spend the day in the roadway.

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