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Super Bowl 2 Months Out, Host Committee Promises Lagniappe for Locals

A Two Dat Bowl win is out of the question, but residents still need to gear up for this year’s Super Bowl XLVII. It’s New Orleans’ tenth time to host the event, and we’re 53 days out from the most expansive Bowl the City’s ever seen. We’ll have to deal with some road closures and traffic, but the Super Bowl Host Committee promises this year’s event will leave its mark with a mini Jazz Fest, Geaux Green initiatives, one million dollars of NORD facility improvements, and a light show on the river.


Sports Foundation President Jay Cicero said all indications point to this year’s Super Bowl XLVII being the “perfect tenth,” for New Orleans.


“CBS alone will have 50-100 hours of live coverage,” said Cicero. “There will be 5000 credentialed members of the media, and we’re very thankful for that opportunity.”


Super Bowl Co-Chair Mary Matalin said that this year’s Bowl event is a perfect opportunity to display New Orleans’ tremendous progress on a national scene. “New Orleans has the best Sports Foundation,” said Matalin. “People still ask me, ‘how are y’all doing down there,’ and I say,  ‘we’re fine,’” Matalin went on. “It makes a difference to have such an established foundation.”


Fellow Co-Chair Rod West is a NORD supporter, and he emphasized the impact of the “Super Saturday of Service.”


“This is a vehicle for a lasting lesson,” said West. “I couldn’t wait to figure out how to make it happen.”


West said that between the Youth Leadership Commission, the Urban League’s Youth Foundation, and Habitat for Humanity, 200 professionals will donate 130 hours of volunteer service to New Orleans playgrounds and recreational facilities in just one day’s time.


This year’s Super Bowl hopes to leave a long legacy and a small carbon footprint. The Geaux Green component of the Super Bowl Host Committee aims to make the event as eco friendly as possible. Hike for KaTREEna in conjunction with the Host Committee has already planted over 3,000 new trees in the Greater New Orleans Area.


Green Light New Orleans in conjunction with the SB Host Committee will install 1760 energy efficient light bulbs in 88 local homes. Once the two lucky teams finish duking it out, organizers will recycle Super Dome turf and bring it directly to Harrell Park.


One of the distinctive features of our City’s tenth Super Bowl event is the 36 ft. high Roman Numerals. The imposing “XLVII” will dock near Woldenberg Park after they arrive via barge the Thursday before the game. Locals and tourists alike can enjoy the multi-media light show that will use the giant numerals as a screen for lasers and projections.


The NFL’s Vice President of Special Events Frank Supovitz said that the NFL “feels a deep connection with the City and with the Super Bowl.” Since 2002, the event has increased its TV viewership by 28 percent.


For the second year in a row, this year’s Super Bowl invites fans to join in on the media day. “The media day is now fan accessible,” said Supovitz. “We’ll have entertainment, team photos…this is a stocking stuffer alert,” said Supovitz. Media day tickets are on sale.  


Media Day is Tuesday, January 29. Visit the event’s official website for tickets and more information.


Super Bowl Boulevard will also take place the week of the game, with bands, NFL related activities, and more in front of the Super Dome from Wednesday until Sunday. Tickets are $25 for adults and $20 for children.


While you’re gazing upon a numeric light show, enjoy a mini Jazz Fest at Woldenberg Park. Jazz Fest Producer and CEO of Festival Productions Inc. Quint Davis will be in charge of the Super Bowl celebration, making sure that locals as well as tourists can enjoy the show. From January 31- February 3, the river will be abuzz with five music stages including a kids stage, three food and beverage stands, and TV Network stages from NFL, Comcast, and NBC. 

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