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Sugar In Your Tank: Stories of Queer Resistance

"The first time I heard the phrase 'sugar in the tank’ was by my auntie in reference to my then-closeted gay male high school friend as she admired him strutting off into the world as he always did,” said Indee Mitchell, a performance artist and co-director of Last Call, a queer artist/activist collective. Together with Bring Your Own Stories, Last Call will host an event tonight named for the phrase as part of the Queer Histories/Queer Futures series partnership with the LGBT Community Center of New Orleans. 


An online search of the term “sugar in your tank" results in vague definitions of queerness, which lends itself well to personal interpretations, each with its own set of informed perspectives and experiences. As a teenager, Mitchell asked their aunt was she meant by the phrase. “All she said with a smile was, ‘Chile, you know,’ and I did.”  


Sugar in Your Tank: Stories of Queer Resistance will feature eight LGBT storytellers sharing their experiences with organizing and activism. The free event will be held outside of the Center (2727 S. Broad Street), with hosting duties performed by Nathalie Nia (Nate) Faulk of the New Orleans LGBT youth organization BreakOUT! DJ Dreamer will provide the soundtrack for what the team promises will be “the cutest (gayest) story slam ever.” Food will be for sale and beverages available by donation. 


Sugar in Your Tank announced just a few of the featured performers ahead of tonight’s event, with Last Call podcast producer Free Feral and longtime friends Dix Marie and Amanda Emily Smith on the lineup. No word if Free Feral is performing double duty tonight, but the show will also be recorded live to become an episode of the collective's podcast series, Last Call: New Orleans Dyke Bar History Project — so named for the ongoing history project to archive NOLA’s disappearing lesbian nightlife scene. 


When they hear the phrase “sugar in your tank,” Mitchell said, “I think of my auntie’s crafty support and love hidden in plain sight, I think of the truths we turn into jokes in order to speak them out loud, I think of my country Black folk laughing on the porch or around the kitchen table talking politics, I think of the small and vital everyday forms of resistance.” 


Tonight, visit the LGBT Community Center of New Orleans to discover your own definition of the phrase. 


Sugar in Your Tank: Stories of Queer Resistance

LGBT Community Center, 7:30PM-10:30PM

Learn more about the event here

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