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Defender Picks



June 25th


The Drifter, 12PM

Ft. Javier Drada, Tristan Dufrene, Otto


The Tangiers Combo

Bacchanal, 12PM

A mid-afternoon match made in heaven


Gentilly Stompers

Bamboulas, 1PM

Get jazzy with it


Book Signing

Garden District Book Shop, 2PM

Tanisha Jones, Mark of The Fallen


Miami Ice

Black Penny, 3PM

Krewe of Goddesses host a popsicle party


Grill Out with Your Gills Out

Bayou St. John, 3PM

Krewe of Mermoux Benefit BBQ for NOAGE


Moonshine Taste

Three Keys, 7PM

A POC cabaret series at the Ace


Guy Fieri’s Rockin Road Show

Tip's, 8PM

Feat. Cowboy Mouth


Unfortunate Side Effect

Banks St. Bar, 8PM

Plus Voodoo Wagon and Bad Mimosas


Girls Night Out

Rare Form NOLA, 9PM

A rare male revue show


June 26th

Pizza For Pitbulls

Reginelli’s, 11AM

Eat pizza to help dogs, really. Benefitting the Love A Pitbull Foundation


Justin Molaison

Chickie Wah Wah, 5:30PM

Happy hour tunes


Let’s Get Quizzical

Port Orleans Brewing Co., 6:30PM

Food, drinks, trivia


Salves + Infused Oils Workshop

Rosalie Apothecary, 7PM

Last class of the Heart of Herbal Medicine Series 


Choral Festival

St. Louis Cathedral, 7:30PM

Presented by the N.O. Children’s Choir


Breathe LOVE Yoga

Revolution Fitness, 7:30PM

Hatha Yoga Basics


Little Tybee + Cliff Hines + Friends

Hi Ho, 8PM

Elements of folk, jazz, psych, and bossa


Mondays with Tasche

Mags, 8PM

Vintage soul and modern blues


Charlie Gabriel & Friends

Preservation Hall, 8PM

Joined by Taslimah P. Bey, Djallo Djakate, Marion Hayden


A Motown Monday

Circle Bar, 9:30PM

With DJ Shane Love


Monday Music Therapy

Lucky’s, 10PM

With CSE & Natasha Sanchez



June 27th

Movie Screening

Broad Theater, 5:30PM

An intimate screening of America Divided


Book Signing

Garden District Book Shop, 6PM

Appearences by Courtney + J.P. Sloan


Movie Screening

Café Istanbul, 6:30PM

Trapped: A story of women + healthcare


Song Writer Sessions

Foundation Room, 7PM

Supporting NOLA’s songwriting community


MORBID ANGEL + Suffocation

House of Blues, 7PM

With support by Withered


Astrology | Transits

School for Esoteric Arts, 7PM

A lecture on reading transits in natal charts



Saenger Theatre, 8PM

Get ready for a giant sing along


Blato Zlato + Toonces

Siberia, 8PM

Balkan tunes + art-rock



Gasa Gasa, 9PM

Static Masks, Shame, Annette Peacock Tribute



June 28th

Noontime Talk


Jim Steg: New Work, with Curator Russell Lord


Books Beer & Bookworm Babble

Urban South Brewery, 5PM

A fundraiser for Friends of New Orleans


Local Intro to Oils

Monkey Monkey, 6PM

Get the 411 on essential oils


Rye Tasting

Grande Krewe, 6PM

A flight of rye


Stick To Your Guns

Republic, 6PM

With support by Hawthorne Heights


Free Yogalates

The Mint, 6:30PM

Part of Wine Down Wednesdays


WNOE Summer Jam

House of Blues, 7PM

Jerrod Neimann with Michael Ray and more


Comedy Gold

House of Blues, 7PM

Stand up comedy from the Big Easy


Corks & Colors

NOLA Yoga Loft, 7:30PM

Let the paints and wine flow


Weird Wednesday’s

Bar Redux, 9PM

The Extra Terrestrial Edition


Mighty Brother

Saturn Bar, 10PM

With Grace Pettis


June 29th

Essence Festival

Superdome, 10AM

All your favorites in one place


Talkin’ Jazz

Jazz Museum, 2PM

With Tom Saunders


Ogden After Hours

The Ogden, 6PM

Featuring Andrew Duhon


Movie Screening

Carver Theater, 6PM

FunkJazz Kafé: Diary Of A Decade 


Bleed On

Glitter Box, 6PM

Fundraising for We Are #HappyPeriod, powered by Refinery29


Book Signing


SHOT by Kathy Shorr


BYO #Scored

Music Box Village, 730

Presenting “Where I’m From”


JD Hill & The Jammers

Bar Redux, 8PM

Get ready to jam


Henry & The Invisibles

Hi Ho, 9PM

With support by Noisewater


Soundbytes Fest Edition

Three Keys, 9PM

With PJ Morton + Friends


Trance Farmers

Dragon’s Den, 10PM

Support by Yung vul


Push Push

Banks St Bar, 10PM

With Rathbone + Raspy



June 30th

Electric Girls Demo Day

Monroe Hall at Loyola, 1:30PM

Check out the newest inventions


Field to Table Time

NOPL Youth Services, 2PM

Learn how growing + cooking = saving the world


Dinner & A ZOOvie

Audubon Park, 6PM

A showing of Trolls


Movie Night in The Garden

Hollygrove Market, 7PM

A showing of Sister Act


Songwriter Night

Mags, 9PM

Ft. Shannon Jae, Una Walkenhorst, Rory Sullivan


Alligator ChompChomp

The Circle Bar, 9:30PM

Ft. DJ Pasta and Matty N Mitch


Free Music Friday

Fulton Ally, 10PM

Featuring DJ Chris Jones



Techno Club, 10PM

Ft. CHKLTE + residents


The Longitude Event

Café Istanbul, 10PM

Presented by Urban Push Movement


Foundation Free Fridays

Tips, 10PM

Ft. Maggie Koerner & Travers Geoffray + Cha Wa


Gimme A Reason

Poor Boys Bar, 11PM

Ft. Tristan Dufrene + Bouffant Bouffant



July 1st


The Fly, 12PM

Hosted by Prytania Bar


Organic Bug Management

Hollygrove Market, 1PM

Learn about pests + organic management


Mystic Market

Rare Form NOLA, 2PM

Author talk, live music, art and more


Girls Rock New Orleans

Primary-Colton, 2:30PM

The official camper showcase


Serious Thing A Go Happen

Ace Hotel, 4PM

Exhibit viewing, artist talk, and after-sounds


Art NO(w)

Claire Elizabeth Gallery, 5PM

An eye popping opening reception


Antoine Diel Trio

Three Muses, 6PM

With Josh Paxton + Scott Johnson


CAIN Ressurection

Southport Music Hall, 9PM

Support by Overtone plus Akadia


Grits & Biscuits

House of Blues, 10PM

A Dirty South set


Jason Neville Band


With Friends for Essence Fest


July 2nd

The Greatest Show On Earth

Prytania Theater, 10AM

Dramatic lives within a circus



The Drifter Hotel, 2PM

Ft. RYE, Lleauna, Tristen Dufrane


Night Market

Secondline Arts, 6PM

With Erica Lee


The Story of Stories

Académie Gnostique, 7PM

Learn about the practical magic of fairy tales



One Eyed Jacks, 8PM

A tribute to David Lynch


Alex Bosworth

Bar Redux, 9PM

With Diako Diakoff



The Dragons’s Den, 10PM



International Flag Party

Howlin Wolf, 11:30PM

The hottest dance party of the year


New Creations Brass Band

Maple Leaf, 12AM

A special closing performance


Space Against Time

Review of Skin Horse Theatre's Nocturnes (I-III)

NoDef's Philip Yiannopoulous heads to the final frontier of St. Claude to review Nocturnes (I-III), a three-part exploration of space. 


One great thing about doing a show in a previously unused venue is that the company gets to name it.  The aptly-titled Cosmodrome, once a Party City warehouse on St. Claude, houses Skin Horse's original Nocturnes (I-III), a piece distinctly broken into three parts that focuses on outer space, its power, and its beauty.


First of all, let's get our vocabulary straight.  A nocturne is a piece of art related to or inspired by night (and therein the stars).


The production begins and ends with the same nameless character, giving the audience a very loose narrative framework.  Mostly, the comical Prelude serves to put everyone on the same page with a very relatable experience: just missing the last connecting train and having to wait for what seems like an eternity through the night.


Before the first Nocturne, Mission Control, a member from Skin Horse (Evan Spigelman) grabs a microphone, turns to the audience to explain just what is about to be performed: scraps of text from history, specifically the Russian space program's launch of Yuri Gagarin, the first successful cosmonaut.  The break of the fourth wall to share his favorite words on the power of space travel, (ranging from Socrates to Billy Joel) alongside his occasional vocal flubs void any pretense. He even goes so far as to tell his audience that there was no Russian translator other than Google, and as such "everything is a bit wrong." Actors introduce themselves and some voices they'll be reading.


With the mission control clock behind the actors projected behind them, the audience allows itself to settle into the act.  We know exactly what we're dealing with, and while we don't know exactly what will happen, the promise of something happening holds together a very entertaining yet disjointed sequence of readings.  During this precise thirty minutes, each of the seven or so actors on stage has piles of books, notes, sometimes even an iPad to read from.  Sequences range from beautiful readings of Carl Sagan, hilariously fun radio plays, or acted-out transcripts of terrifyingly lonely failed space missions. While ranging broadly, a slight political overtone exists throughout, flavored by Gil Scot Heron's "Whitey on the Moon" and a speech from JFK that seemed to focus more on beating the Russians in the space race than the importance of space travel.


After takeoff from the Cosmodrome, the second Nocturne, Microgravity, provides a beautiful and wordless exploration of zero gravity. Without wanting to give too much away, this sequence features Skinhorses Veronica Hunsinger-Loe and Spigelman in space, supported by the rest of the cast.  The sequence is magical and friendly while being entirely transparent: no fancy tricks, just people working and moving together.  Watching seven people silently preparing a Fluffernutter sandwich over ten minutes becomes surprisingly captivating.


After this sequence the production transitions into the final Nocturne, Kosmos.  The transition, as the sequence before, slows down the pace.  After what apparently was a brief technical malfunction (we wouldn't have know had they not told us -- opening night jitters, I suppose), we experienced the Nocturne, starting with a striking light change.  I would love to relate more detail, but my notes stop abruptly, as I was both temporarily blinded and mostly captivated by the following tech-heavy engagements.


At this point, looking at Skin Horse's mission statement for the piece becomes helpful.  They find themselves "invested in theater as a holistic endeavor, in which performer, space, design, text, and sensory experience are all equal to and in dialogue with one another."  So far we have covered performer with breaks of the fourth wall and fine acting, space (hah) and design through the Cosmodrome and the experience itself, and finally text through the research for the countdown sequence.  What's left, sensory experience, comes full force and for a long time.


An accompanying soundscape underlies the entirety of the light show of Kosmos.  Sometimes I felt like I was at a Pink Floyd concert (and ruefully wishing I had prepared that way), and sometimes like the audience was a unit experiencing the light tunnel from 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Either way, most of this tech-heavy portion relies on a super-powerful projection light that sometimes feels like someone's new toy.


There are other sequences: the sun as a light, painfully slowly (eyes and time) coming towards the audience; similar planet-type lights going in a kind of orbit; and finally some twinkly stars in motion. While we can't see the cast members, each of these segments reads as excellent light-puppetry.  And while each segment is beautiful in its own right, the entire sequence goes on a bit long, especially since several moments come at the cost of the viewer's retina.  Finally we are returned briefly to the train station, though at one point earlier in Kosmos there was a singular light and train sound that was a touch confusing.  Our comical character returns and looks up at the stars, welcoming more thoughts and dreams of the universe as the lights fade to black.


Nocturnes (I-III) provides a wonderful experience by a talented collective, with their feet firmly on theatrical ground and hands reaching towards more experimental space.  While each segment holds strongly to its focus (text, movement, senses), the last comes so strongly and for so long that more traditional theatre-goers may forget the beautiful and poignant human aspects of the piece.  The brief finale at the train station is a step in the right direction, a soft touch reminding the audience that space and the people who want to explore it are such stuff that dreams are made on.   A great show and one perfect to coincide with the New Orleans Fringe Festival.


Nocturnes (I-III) is showing at 8 p.m. Nov. 8-9, 14-16, and 21-23. 

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