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Six Beers & the Truth

Brian Collins Talks Beer & Career

Having seen the spirits of New Orleans loosen even the tightest of tongues, your author wwas inspited to begin interviewing interesting people after a few libations. 'Six Beers and the Truth' is a series wherein the interviewee has enjoyed six beers before giving the interview. While some are emotional, some are funny and some are shocking...they are all candid and honest. Please enjoy 'Six Beers And The Truth with Brian Collins'. 



From West Georgia, singer/songwriter Brian Collins' highly anticipated release of his album, “Healing Highway” did not disappoint. His single, 'Never Really Left,' is #42 on the Billboard Charts and #2 on the CMT Pure Country Video Countdown. In this candid interview, Brian is served six beers before delivering his truth. 


Where has beer been more helpful performing or dating?


In the beginning beer is for courage, and in the long run beer is for forgetting.  Beer has been a emotional lubricant.  I use it for depends on what the songs is and the mood is and if subconsciously it's something I'm trying to unlock, that normally I would be more afraid to let loose of.



They say three chords and the truth makes a good country song.  Does the truth ever get in the way of a good song?


The truth needs a little embellishment sometimes. (Laughing).  You know sometimes you need to expand on the truth, you may have some kind of story there but you have to have something that will draw the listener in. Lyrically you can set the tone to make something a little more interesting. It's like 'fish story'.  The fish is always a little bit bigger in the story!



You have lived in many different places.  What is home to you now?


To me home is several places.  It's the place where I grew up.  And it's a place where people care about me live. They always make me feel at home.  Though the place I reside is my car....going city to city visiting radio.



Brian, sometimes your music and songwriting comes across dark. How much of that is a reflection of you.


I don't think it's dark. I think it's real. It's not all sunshine and rainbows.  In this new album, Healing Highway, there are a lot of things you go through on the road.  Most of this album is about leaving things behind.  Sacrificing.  Sometimes that's not a pleasant thing.  But if you listen, there's always a glimmer of hope in my songs, and I always leave a little to hang onto because that's who I am as a person. I always have hope. 



If you could sit down with a 20-year-old Brian Collins, what would you tell him?


I would say, hey, you're doing just fine.  You're shaping who I am today.



If you could write a song with any artist, who would the artist be and why?


It's so hard because I have so many influences, but if I had to pick someone up right now that I might identify with and probably get along with, I would have to say Gordon Lightfoot. I love his delivery, the messages and how they are timeless and still relevant today.  Maybe Jim Croce. Not only do their lyrics to draw you in, but their voices make you believe they are in the song and you're in the song with them. 



What's your biggest mistake?


Letting fear hinder my success.



Weed with Willie or beer with Hank?


I think weed with Willie would be a whole lot more interesting. It could even be a weekly show: "Weed with Willie".



When is the last time you cried and why?


It was 3:00 AM, January 22 of last year.  I got the phone call that my dad had passed away.  I was on the phone with my uncle, and he was breaking the news to me.  It was very emotional. For me, he was dad, my friend, my scout leader, my coach, my mentor. He passed the art of caring onto me and I pass it on to others. 



Is there anything you won't write about?


Writing for me is an escape. But I won't perform something I don't think won't connect to the audience?  But writing...if I feel it I feel it. And I'll write about it. 



Everyone has a career target or goal. What's yours? 


I guess for me it would be finding the balance between being happy and being artistically satisfied.  Success for me changes.  The dream for me as a musician is ultimately reach people, touch people with my music.  Identify and relate to them.  Those things are the things that drive me.  To see the expression and the connection to people.  Music is a very powerful thing.



After many years of the grind of just barely getting by, was success worth the wait?


Totally.  There are years under this belt, and I have many years to go.  Music is not a fad.  It's my life.  It feels really good to see people reacting to and enjoying my music.  Knowing I built it from scratch with my bare hands....I'm elated.  Couldn't be more delighted. 



You can purchase 'Healing Highway' from most music outlets, or!



Brad Bohannan is a New Orleans entrepreneur.  He owns a music publishing company, co-host a songwriting show, and hosts several music events a year. He also owns Spirits On Bourbon and Turtle Bay on Decatur. Brad can be reached at

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