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Sinkhole de Mayo

The mix of an excuse for a party and public infrastructure failure is distinctly New Orleans. Likewise, the mix of a small joke and big, viral reaction is distinct to our modern web powered society. These world collided on Tuesday (5.03) when a Sinkhole de Mayo party became an instant rage. Then, organizers were faced with the dilemma of managing a joke that became a very real event for over 1000 people.


On Monday, Carson Rapose and Chrissy Gross created the tongue and cheek event with the aim of having a few friend drink margaritas at the new Canal Street sinkhole.


“Come out to the first ever Sinkhole de Mayo. Celebrate another 'Catastrophic Failure' the best way we know how: dancing, drinking, and general revelry,” Rapose and Gross wrote on a Facebook page. “Bring your instruments, sombreros and margaritas, bring your traffic cone pinatas, and your makeshift maracas.”


The post was an instant success. Within 24 hours, thousands had viewed the page and nearly 1000 people RSVP’d that they will be attending. Gator 1, the Mardi Gras parade firetruck, was offered to play music. Several food trucks offered to come out for the party.


The only problem was that putting too much weight on the ground surrounding a sinkhole poses an obvious risk of collapse. Gross explained, “As this has obviously gone far more viral beyond a few friends joking around, there are safety issues we're facing. The ground around our friend "Sinky" isn't too stable and the city is (rightfully) concerned about 1000 people hangin' out on it.”


After some quick thinking, the fete was moved to Woldenburg Park. The festivities are still a BYOB, free affair. The fun begins on Thursday (5.05) at 4p.m.


The sinkhole, itself, has not moved. Formed on top of an abandoned tunnel, teh massive collapse could cost as much as five milion dollars to repair according to Mayor Mitch.

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