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Shia LaBeouf, Traveling Kid, Arrives in NOLA

There are some new traveling kids in town, but they probably won’t be on Lower D demanding your leftovers or your money. Actor Shia LeBeouf as well his collaborating artists Nastja Rönkkö, and Luke Turner landed in New Orleans this weekend as part of their interactive #TakeMeAnywhere project.


#TakeMeAnywhere entails a cross continental journey by the trio commissioned by Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art as part of MediaLive 2016, and The Finnish Institute in London


The conceit is simple. The artists post their coordinates to social media. Fans and/or interested parties are encouraged to find the group at said coordinates and then drop them off at any spot they wish. The project runs from May 23rd until June 23rd. Thus far, the group has travelled through much of the Midwest and Southwest before popping up in Louisiana.


A few sightings have already popped up on Twitter (below). Keep your eyes open for more.





Abz @abbie_yule

No way has my brother just bumped into shia labeouf in the middle of New Orleans   

3:55 PM - 3 Jun 2016

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