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Sean Payton, Motivational Speaker...For LSU Opponent (VIDEO)

Banished Saints Head Coach and occasional conga man Sean Payton is apparently on the motivational circuit, and he has been speaking to the enemy. But, at least he was funny. North Texas is gearing up for next weekend's season opening showdown next weekend in Death Valley with the LSU Tigers, so they invited the Saints' suspended coach to give them a little advice. Turns out, Payton is still coaching.



 I leave here in about in half an hour and I go to a sixth-grade practice. I've got kids looking at dandelions and picking their boogers.  I'm trying to put in 50 plays.  You ought to see the offense we got.  We scrimmaged last week and we gutted this team we played. I called up my friend Jon Gruden. I said, "Gru Dog, man, we just gutted this team. They didn't stop a play we just ran.



In non GruDog-related anecdotes, he also talked a little about his vision with the Saints. Turns out, football may not be the sports business.



I tell our coaches all the time, we are in the sales business. New Orleans Saints. We have the best offense in the history of football.  That's what we sell. Four out of the last 6 years, we've been number 1 in the NFL. Defensively - this is what we do.  Special teams - this is what we do. You have to believe the script you're being given is a 5-star script. Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington...those guys don't take "B" scripts. Those guys take "A" scripts.  It's essential that you guys have that confidence in what you're doing.


Want more? Here's the whole 20-minute tape:




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