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R.I.P. Jimmy Glickman

Community Honors New Orleans Music Exchange Owner

Jimmy Glickman, owner of the New Orleans Music Exchange, has died at the age of 52-years-old on Thursday. Glickman was a bastion of the NOLA music community responsible for helping many musicians and venues grow. 


The Exchange sold just about anything a performer could need from picks to piccolos. However, it was not merely hawking amps and axes that made Jimmy so popular. It was his demeanor and generosity.


A throwback to a previous era, Jimmy established strong personal relationships with all of his customers. He knew their musical needs and often their emotional needs. To some degree, he played shrink to the industry.


Of equal significance was Jimmy’s legendary generosity. His donations to programs like Tipitina’s Instruments-A-Comin’ is well documented. 


But, most of Jimmy’s acts of magnanimity were out of the public eye. Getting started as a musician is far from lucrative and the music man understood this. Glickman’s reputation stemmed from the small acts of kindness he offered to individuals. He regularly lent struggling artists essential equipment when they lacked to funds to from their gigs. His prices were often on a sliding scale and an unofficial layaway program was available to many regulars. When those performers made it big, the proprietor did not gouge them. Rather, he took a parent’s joy in their success.


As word of Jimmy’s passing spread, social media lit up with condolences from the city’s music community.


The legendary George Porter initially broke the news, explaining, “Once again New Orleans musician has lost a great friend and owner of New Orleans Music Exchange music store. The days of the little guy with a neighborhood music store is just about gone here in the city I think he was the only one. Rest well my friend.”


The Jazz and Heritage Foundation wrote, “In addition to all he did for professional musicians, Jimmy helped education programs by sourcing discounted instruments for Tipitina's Foundation's Instruments A-Comin' and our own Class Got Brass. We all loved him.”


“He touched many peoples lives and was a staple in the music scene here in New Orleans. A couple of the members of the band worked for him at the store, as well as all of us being customers at one point or another. He will be sorely missed. Hope he makes as many connections in the next world as he had in this one. Rest in peace Jimmy,” lamented The Crooked Vines.


Tips weighed in as well. “The Tipitina's family would like to wish our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Jimmy Glickman... NOLA has lost a true friend and staple of the community…”


Mia Borders tweeted, “Heartbroken over the loss of Jimmy Glickman. He took care of me for 10+ yrs always greeting me w/ "Hiya, baby!" and a hug.”


Funeral services will be later this week. Details are pending.

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