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Defender Picks



July 22nd

Ice Cream Social

Longue Vue, 10AM

Plus adoptable pets from the SPCA


Veggie Growing Basics

Hollygrove Market, 1PM

Grow your own food


National Hot Dog Day

Dat Dog, 3PM

Raffles, ice cream and more


Cocktails and Queens

Piscobar, 6PM

A queer industry dance party


Immersive Sound Bath

Nola Yoga Loft, 7PM

Soothing 3D Soundscapes


Paul Mooney

Jazz Market, 8PM

Also ft. music by Caren Green


New Orleans Beatles Festival

House of Blues, 8PM

Come together, right now


Christmas in July

The Willow, 8PM

Ugly sweaters and peppermint shots



Three Keys, 9PM

With Coolasty ft. Jack Freeman and more


Particle Devotion

Banks St Bar, 9PM

Ft. Paper Bison +  Tranche


Cesar Comanche

Art Klub, 9:30PM

Ft. Ghost Dog, Knox Ketchum and more


Gimme A Reason

Poor Boy’s Bar, 10PM

Ft. Savile and local support


Techno Club

Techno Club, 10PM

Ft. Javier Drada, Eria Lauren, Otto



July 23rd

From Here to Eternity

Prytania Theatre, 10AM

The 1953 classic


Eight Flavors

Longue Vue, 12PM

Sarah Lohman will discuss her new book


Book Swap

Church Alley Coffee Bar, 12PM

Bring books, get books


Urban Composting

Hollygrove Market, 1PM

Learn about easy composting


Brave New World Book Club

Tubby & Coo’s, 2PM

Open to all


Gentleman Loser

The Drifter Hotel, 3PM

A classic poolside rager


Mixology 101

Carrolton Market

With Dusty Mars


Freret Street Block Party

Freret St, 5PM

A celebratory bar crawl


Mushroom Head

Southport Music Hall, 6PM

+ Hail Sagan and American Grim


Glen David Andrews

Little Gem Saloon, 8PM

Get trombone’d by the greatest


Hot 8 Brass Band

The Howlin Wolf, 10PM

Brass music for a new era



The Dragon’s Den, 10PM

Ft. KTRL, Unicorn Fukr, RMonic

Ring the Alarm: Some NOLA Firefighters Have ‘No Confidence’ in NOFD Chief McConnell

On Saturday (4.29), members of the New Orleans Fire Department (NOFD) and their families and friends picketed the NOFD Headquarters in the French Quarter to protest Chief Timothy McConnell. The demonstration follows a week of controversy for the department after it was made public that several key firefighters — including McConnell — were involved in the contentious takedown of the Battle at Liberty Place monument early Monday morning. 


The picket came after an official union meeting in which NOFD members unanimously voted that the department has “no confidence” in Fire Chief McConnell. Firefighters are now demanding that McConnell be removed from all aspects of fire service. Though his role in the dismantling of the statute on Iberville St. has raised some questions in the community, the NOFD states that their call for immediate action is for a number of reasons beyond his involvement in Mayor Landrieu’s takedown. The full list of eleven allegations against McConnell are listed below. 


“We are here as a result of our members’ frustration with the continued poor decisions of Superintendent McConnell — period,” said Fire Union President Nick Felton at the Saturday picket. 


According to Felton, the unanimous decision was reached several months ago. “Recent actions,” said Felton — like McConnell’s part in the monument’s take down — made it necessary for NOLA’s fire service community to make their decision public. 


Felton continued, "The Chief’s decision to place Firefighters in the middle of the highly divisive monuments issue despite the existence of known potential threats and the fact that we are not trained for police-type work, has exposed our members to unnecessary risks. Consequently, our membership has no confidence in his ability to effectively safeguard them or the citizens they serve."


Felton and the NOFD have been under heavy scrutiny in the days following the controversial memorial’s dismantling. On Wednesday (4.26), the New Orleans Firefighters Association President first confirmed in a press conference that at least half a dozen firefighters were enlisted to take down the monument early Monday on Mayor Landrieu’s instructions. Photos taken by persons on scene early Monday morning seem to show several Fire Department members, including NOFD Superintendent Tim McConnell, as part of the team of movers. When asked about McConnell’s alleged involvement, Felton again remained firm in his stance that the Department is not directly involved: “I can’t really confirm that he is [involved but], surely looked like him to me.” 


The NOFD's complaints against Fire Chief McConnell, courtesy of Multimedia Solutions

  1. Chief McConnell supports, embraces and encourages Fire Fighters to perform tasks that they are not trained to do while putting Fire Fighters unnecessarily in harm’s way.
  2. Chief McConnell ignores standard operating procedures, which mandates that Fire Fighters do not wear riot gear or do police type work.
  3. Chief McConnell violates his own rule, which mandates that Fire Fighters not engage in Police Department Tactical Operations.
  4. Chief McConnell has dragged Fire Fighters into a messy, political, divisive monuments issue that we have no business being involved in.  This irresponsible decision jeopardizes Fire Fighters and their families. 
  5. Chief McConnell continuous to violate National Fire Standards, placing New Orleanians and Fire Fighters at great risk every day with improper staffing.
  6. Our fire trucks are unsafe, dangerous, and receive improper maintenance with slipshod repairs. Broken emergency lights, damaged suspension and failing brakes are daily occurrences.
  7.  On-duty firefighters (who are not certified) are being used to try to repair fire trucks.
  8. Chief McConnell has abandoned long established processes for merit-based promotion and replaced it with inconsistent and opaque personal subjectivity.
  9. Political favoritism is now used to promote within the NOFD. This is destroying morale and prevents a standard career path for Fire Fighters.
  10. Fire Fighters support the fact that every home should have proper working smoke detectors but Chief McConnell has ignored reasonable precautions from Senior New Orleans Fire Department staff advising against canvassing.
  11. Chief McConnell illegally gave 30 members of his staff thousands of extra taxpayer money which violated the Louisiana Constitution, New Orleans City Council and the New Orleans Civil-Service Laws.

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