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Richard Simmons's Manager Addresses 'Missing' NOLA Fitness Guru

The success of podcast Missing Richard Simmons, which explores the fitness guru's life since he left the public eye three years ago, has given rise to new rumors that Simmons is in distress or has disappeared altogether.


According to a statement made to People earlier today, Simmons's longtime manager Michael Catalano assured that he is not in danger, he is just happily retired from the limelight. "He's not asking for a curtain call," said Catalano. 


The New Orleans-born fitness instructor built an empire thanks in part to his larger-than-life personality and a penchant for eccentric costumes while "sweatin' to the oldies." Dan Taberski, a filmmaker and former Daily Show producer who hosts Missing Richard Simmons, traces the 68-year-old's life — including a visit to his Big Easy roots. 


Simmons gained fame early on for his self-love approach to weight loss. He famously said, "When I was growing up, I did not exercise at all. I was raised in the French Quarter in New Orleans. If I saw someone running, I would call the police because I thought they stole something on Royal Street." 


You can learn more and listen to Missing Richard Simmons here

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