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Defender Picks



September 20th

City Council Energy Forum

New Orleans Public Library, 6PM

Candidates discuss energy issues 


From NOLA With Love

Cafe Istanbul, 6PM

Hurricane Harvey benefit concert



AllWays Lounge, 7PM

Benefit show: True Confessions 


New Moon Women's Circle

Rosalie Apothecary, 7PM

Celebrate the Equinox


ET the Extra-Terrestrial

Prytania Theatre, 7:30PM

Phone home about it!


The Boy and The Beast

Rubber Library & Flower Bodega, 7:30PM

Winner of the Animation of the Year at the 37th Japan Academy Prizes

For the Record(s)

A Nodef Photo Essay

Saturday morning found the heat turned way up at the Iron Rail Collective, but for a change, the passion concerned the benefits of commerce. Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the Marigny, your neighborhood anarcho-punkrock-syndicate was raging for the machinery of musical production, specifically in vinyl form.

Intrepid NoDef reporters ventured to the Iron Rail space on Decatur and Marigny for the (hopefully) annual "Record Raid," a decadent market of old- and new-timey phonographical fare. Dollar rockabilly 45s shared space with Patti Smith and Compay Segundo classics in the sweltering room, where vendors - for a $20 fee - displayed their wares for the sweaty public.
The six-hour affair was billed as an art-tastic outreach event for the Collective, which seeks to broaden its presence among a demographic known colloquially as the New Orleans Friends of Expropriation. Soaring temperatures failed to diminish fervor for the revolutionary potential of the LPs and CDs on sale.
The Iron Rail Collective hosts open meetings every Wednesday at 7pm.

Thanks and clarification

Thanks for posting this and thanks for coming. A slight clarification: The Record Raid is its own organization, the Iron Rail (and through them, The Ark) were the hosts who graciously let The Raid use the space for free, not to mention their support as a vendor for the past two WTUL Record Fairs.

The vendor fees and donations from the past two events will be put right back into making the next official Record Raid even better than the last. Also, the next record fair in town will be in conjunction with the Ponderosa Stomp in September. Please check the Record Raid wordpress if you'd like to be kept in the know.

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