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A 'Radical' Act

Theatricality is a way of life in New Orleans — whether it’s the street performers along Decatur Street or your neighbors on Fat Tuesday, indeed all the world’s a stage in this fair city. “The evocative and provocative can be found on every street corner,” explained local theatre figure Jon Greene, the award-winning director behind Faustus, The Spider Queen, Sleeping Beauty, and The Musicians of Bremen. To further champion the city’s live performance culture, this week the theatre maker announced the launch of a new theatre and production collective, The Radical Buffoon(s). 


Greene, who will serve as Artistic Director at the company, stated that the work of The Radical Buffoon(s) (a.k.a. TRB) will build on the performance arts community in New Orleans. “There are so many amazing companies in town that have been working for an extended period of time" to build a base for theatre in the city, he told NoDef. “What we will attempt is to push the nature of theatre in content, style, and scope.” 


This new venture will see the collective team with performers, designers, artists, and other companies to bring the most exciting and imaginative works to New Orleans. This openness to a collaborative spirit will grant more “aggressively non-traditional theatre” a home. With the oft-high costs of production, TRB aims to alleviate the burdens of high ticket prices to make the theatre-going experience available for all. 


In a city of “mighty theatrical rituals” like Mardi Gras, the induction of this new arts collective will give a recognized stage for what is very much a way of life in New Orleans. “Theatre is the original augmented reality,” said the theatre maker, and stylized storytelling offers the chance for all to reflect on pertinent issues in an engaging, "humorous and provocative, and always entertaining" format.   


The collective’s first project is a fall co-production of the Anne Washburn-written Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play, a meditation on “what happens to pop culture after the end of society,” according to Greene. The three-act work documents a group of post-apocalyptic survivors as they attempt to remember an episode of The Simpsons. Said Greene, the style transitions in each of the three parts from a cinematic “water cooler conversation” format to a more hyperstylized, Greek amphitheatrical epic. Greene, who will direct the production, said the intent is to “draw parallels and blur lines between now and then.” 


Learn more about The Radical Buffoon(s) here

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