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Quintron To Play The Weather

After 2014’s chilly Mardi Gras, all eyes in New Orleans are focused on forecasts. Quintron is lending his ears to the mix. The local legend will be staging the NOLA premier of his Weather Warlock project at New Orleans Airlift’s Alterpiece installation at St. Maurice Church (605 Maurice Avenue) on January 18. Alterpiece features televisions rewired to respond to sound and Weather Warlock features a drone synthesizer that responds to temperature, wind, sun, and rain.


The rest of the band includes Aaron Hill of EYEHATEGOD on drums, Gary Wrong  on guitar, and Paul Grass of Egg Yolk Jubilee of saxophone. Quintron will play the weather synth as well as guitar. The performance begins at sunset (5:00p.m.) so that the music can take fully reflect the transition into night. On account of the outside elements involved, the start is solid.


Drew Ryan’s C-Section 8 will follow Weather Warlock. An Airlift release describes Ryan as “an expert manipulator of found analog electronics,” and continues, “Ryan conjures a sonic landscape entirely of his own as he scrambles around on the floor, often bare foot, manipulating knobs and buttons.”


NOLA Metal all-star band Mountain of Wizard will wrap up the evening. The quartet features veterans of EyeHateGod, Classhole and Mystick Krewe Of Clearlight. Airlift describes their sound as “smoky, ritualized and riff heavy.”


The Lower Ninth Ward Church, has become the new home for musical performances breathing new life into the ethereal (though now deconsecrated) space.  The Lower Ninth Ward Senior Center Choir and Murmurations Choir initiated the series by lending their voices. Nels Cline of Wilco performed with Rob Cambre back on November 15 as part of Airlift's Space Rites series.


Airlift is a local artist driven organization founded post Katrina. Sound Technician and creator of the Alterpiece Taylor Lee Shepherd (the brains behind the Music Box Shantytown), says the project is all about recognizing the changing and evolving Ninth Ward community and acknowledging the underground art scene. 


“We’re at this weird moment here in this neighborhood," the artist theorized. "The old and the new are coming. It’s all happening right now. It’s changing terribly fast. But it’s changing and I feel like this is sort of an acknowledgement of that. Everybody is totally united by this one thing… and it’s music.”


Tickets can be purchased here.

Portions of this article were previously published in a piece by Ashley Rouen.

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