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Protesters Hurl Tomatoes at Jindal Effigy (PHOTOS)

The French Market showcased many different uses for tomatoes, and public shaming wasn't exempted. As Creole Tomato Fest unfurled at the French Market, a group of protesters used the exposure opportunity to take aim at Gov. Bobby Jindal for supporting a bill that will end a local levee board's lawsuit against Big Oil.


On Friday, Jindal signed SB 469, which outlaws levee authorities from brining legal action against private corporations on coastal matters. In response, protesters led by an individual known to NoDef only as Captain Planet lined up Saturday afternoon outside the French Market to hurl tomatoes at an effigy of "Govna Swindle."


"One fact is clear: our governor represents Big Oil, not the millions of Louisianians whose homes are going to be swallowed by the sea or washed away by deadly storms thanks to our disintegrating coastal wetlands," literature from Captain Planet said.


Here's video and photos from the event. (Photos courtesy Rick Moore):







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