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Petrificus Totalus, Donald Trump

Witches Cast Spell to Bind the President

According to a magic spell gaining momentum across the U.S., the text at the end of this article serves as an incantation aid to bind the current U.S. President. New Orleans, along with multiple cities across American joined together in a mass binding spell this past Tuesday (May 23rd) in an effort to figuratively tie the hands of President Donald Trump.


Tuesday night was the first time the spell had been performed aimed at the current U.S. President, either. The first ritual took place in February of this year and plans are to continue with the spell every waning crescent moon while Trump is in office.


The purpose of the spell is, fundamentally, to keep Trump from inflicting harm over the next four years. Or, put another way, it’s meant to protect against the damage some individuals fear our POTUS could potentially impel on both a local and global scale during his term. The spell has gained popularity over the past few months with ceremonies taking place in major cities and small towns alike.


The spell is so popular, in fact, that organizers have set up a Facebook group by the name of “A Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him”. The intent of the social media outlet is to provide information regarding the spell to bind our President and connect those who wish to partake in the ceremony. New members are joining on a daily basis out of both support and curiosity.


The spell, itself, is simple and can be performed by anyone wishing to participate with the incantation above. Items needed for the basic version of the binding are: a small orange candle, a lighter or matches, an ashtray, a pin, the Tower tarot card, an unappealing picture of Donald Trump, a bowl of water (Water element), salt (Earth element), a feather (Air element), and a white candle (Fire element).


At first, the binding spell does appear a bit out there. It seems at home in works of fiction and some have even claimed the spell to be a hoax. On the contrary, the spell is not the work of novels or movies and it is not another silly deception born of the internet. The binding spell is 100 percent real and Trump is not the first nor only prominent individual to be on the receiving end of magic charms or witchcraft.


This isn’t the first time history has seen witches involved in politics in an effort to change the course of a nation’s fate. In 1940 Adolf Hitler was also the target of magical work. A Cone of Power, which is a spell traditionally used as a means of raising and directing energy, was set forth by British witches. Their hope was to put an end to the rising carnage spreading throughout Europe and to keep Hitler from invading Britain. Rather the witches played a part in their country’s fate or not remains unknown as many forces where involved in Britain’s defense. However, the fact is Hitler never did conquer British soil and modern witches still continue to attribute the UK’s successful protection to that of ancient spells.


Binding, like a Cone of Power, is one of the earliest known spells in the history of magic. In the spell’s former history, the Greeks were particularly fond of binding. The spell was one of the most widely accepted forms of magic in Ancient Greece and was commonly used against people who had done wrong to another individual. In its most elementary usage, a binding spell is meant to restrict an individual from doing something. Since its birth, most popular use of binding is to keep someone from harming either themselves or another person.


Similar to earlier uses of the spell, those partaking in the Trump ritual have made it clear that it is not meant to inflict harm or ill will. The spell is not a curse or a hex. The binding ceremony is only meant to constrict the U.S. President from causing harm to others. Be that as it may, the ritual has received a lot of hostility, especially from those in Christian religious sects despite the spell lacking involvement in anything chiefly evil in nature.


One of the main criticisms the spell has received from religious groups is that it is the work of the devil. Catholics have noted that the use of spells is dark magic. According to the Catholic News Agency, “The words in the spell: ‘That he may do no harm,’ sugarcoat the reality that the devil wants the destruction of mankind and never has our best interest at heart.” In a response to the binding spell, in order to counteract its perceived intent, some Christian groups have started partaking in prayers specifically meant to support and protect Trump in his endeavors as our nation’s leader.


While those who practice magic, Occultists, and Wiccans are publically taking part in the binding spell, so are many others who have no ties to the aforementioned beliefs. All walks of life can be found participating in the ritual be it Shamans or housewives. Considering the mass amount of individuals stemming from varied backgrounds and religious beliefs partaking in the binding spell it appears as though the movement extends far beyond that of magic and the occult. Looking past the abstruse nature of the spell exposes a network of individuals banning together in their unrest. It’s protest born of magical philosophy lead by those who do not agree with the current direction of the U.S. government.


Removing the fiery issues of both religion and politics uncovers a raw and quite basic idea behind the moment that has, otherwise, gone unnoticed. When we remove the ability to do harm we can, in turn, enable the ability to do good. If the energy is put forth to see beyond the black and white of media, the left and right of politics, and heaven and hell of religion it gives our nation the chance to see something much grander at work. It’s not just a binding spell, it is an effort intended to aid our President in doing the right thing for our country and its people.    


Hear me, oh spirits

Of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air

Heavenly hosts

Demons of the infernal realms

And spirits of the ancestors

I call upon you

To bind

Donald J. Trump

So that he may fail utterly

That he may do no harm

To any human soul

Nor any tree




or Sea

Bind him so that he shall not break our polity

Usurp our liberty

Or fill our minds with hate, confusion, fear, or despair

And bind, too,

All those who enable his wickedness

And those whose mouths speak his poisonous lies

I beseech thee, spirits, bind all of them

As with chains of iron

Bind their malicious tongues

Strike down their towers of vanity

I beseech thee in my name

J.A. Lloyd

In the name of all who walk

Crawl, swim, or fly

Of all the trees, the forests,

Streams, deserts,

Rivers and seas

In the name of Justice

And Liberty

And Love

And Equality

And Peace

Bind them in chains

Bind their tongues

Bind their works

Bind their wickedness

So mote it be!

So mote it be!

So mote it be!


Erin Rose
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