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Party for Moon Prism Power

In the name of the moon, come party on Magazine Street! On Saturday (8.5), Kawaii NOLA will host a shindig with Krewe du Moon in celebration of International Sailor Moon Day. 


"Growing up in the 90s, Sailor Moon was my all-time favorite manga and anime series. I loved the idea of young schoolgirls with magical powers fighting the forces of evil,” explained Kanako Asai Richard, owner of Kawaii NOLA. "The transformation sequences were so mesmerizing and so much fun to re-enact. With the recent reboot of the series, it's really exciting to relive the nostalgia and to see a resurgence of Sailor Moon's popularity.”


With an enviable location along the city’s prized Magazine Street, Kawaii NOLA is a one-stop shop promoting kawaii culture in New Orleans with gifts, accessories, clothing, and all things “to make you smile” said Richard. Sailor Moon, the lead character of the internationally popular anime series and a millenial feminist icon, has held an important role in pop culture since the manga debuted in 1992 so it only makes sense that Kawaii NOLA would toast the international holiday in her honor. 


Kawaii NOLA is hosting the Sailor Moon Day party with Krewe du Moon, a dance subkrewe of the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus with a penchant for Sailor Moon cosplay. The event will offer “a great opportunity to learn about the Krewe and their year-round activities,” explained Richard. 


Be sure to come dressed as your favorite Sailor Soldier, as the best-dressed attendees will have the chance to receive one of the krewe’s prized throws, which include sailor scout garters, Sailor V masks, perler bows, scout symbol coasters, and crocheted tiaras and moon wands. Members will also be on hand to sell handmade items, with all proceeds going to Krewe du Moon’s new sound system. Kawaii NOLA will also welcome a pop-up from Chimera Lashes, who will be selling their handcrafted paper lashes, and a glitter bar courtesy of Elektra Cosmetics.



Sailor Moon Day Party

Kawaii NOLA, 4826 Magazine Street

Saturday (8.5), 1-4PM

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