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Defender Picks



August 18th

Jurassic Quest

Lakefront Arena, 3PM

Dinosaur adventure


Art Exhibition and Party

Mini Art Center, 6:30PM

Featured artist, Zora




Final screening of the John Waters Film Festival


Love Letters

Little Gem Saloon, 8PM

Play about first loves and second chances


I'm Listening

The Voodoo Lounge, 9PM

Comedy and psychoanalysis


Delish Da Goddess

One Eyed Jacks, 10PM

Feat. MC Sweet Tea, Sea Battle



Eiffel Society, 10PM

LA based dance music performers Joseph & Joseph


Free Foundation Fridays

Tipitina's, 10PM

Feat. Johnny Sketch & The Dirty Notes, Sonic Bloom


August 19th

Mayoral Candidate Forum

First Presbyterian Church, 10AM

Youth-led event


610 Stompers Auditions

Harrah's, 10AM

Final day of auditions


Ameripolitan Festival

Siberia, 3PM

Day one of inaugural southern music fest


Mid-Summer Mardi Gras

More Fun Comics, 5:30PM

Chewbacchus subkrewes + Krewe of OAK


We Woke Up Like This

Ogden, 7PM

5th annual moms night out



House of Blues, 7PM

Beer and music festival


Mighty Brother

Gasa Gasa, 7PM

Homecoming show, feat. Micah McKeen, Deltaphpnic, SOF


August 20th

Captain Blood

Prytania Theatre, 10AM

Classic swashbucklin' flick starring Errol Flynn


Zulu Annual Sonny "Jim" Poole Picnic

City Park, 10AM

Contests for coconuts, BBQ, umbrellas, t-shirts, golf shirts and more


Love Letters

Little Gem Saloon, 5PM

Play about first loves and second chances


New Moon Women's Circle

Rosalie Apothecary, 6PM

Special solar eclipse themed circle


RC and the Gritz

One Eyed Jacks, 9PM

Erykah Badu's band, plus Khris Royal


The Max Tribe

Gasa Gasa, 9PM

Feat. Gools, Killer Dale, Jack Rabbit


Stripped into Submission

Hi-Ho Lunge, 10PM

Kink-themed burlesque 


August 21st

Solar Eclipse Paddle

Canoe and Trail Adventures, 10:30AM

Explore the swamps and bayou during the eclipse


Energy Clearing Class

Swan River Yoga Mandir, 7:30PM

Solar eclipse reiki course to clear your self


Monday Night Massacre

Rare Form, 8PM

Feat. Phantom of Paradise and Cannibal The Musical


Betty Who

Republic NOLA, 9PM

90's tinged Aussie artist, feat. Geographer



The New Movement, 9:30PM

Battle of the funniest 


Instant Opus

Hi-Ho Lounge, 10PM

Feat. Eric Bloom, Russell Batiste, David Torkanowsky, Chris Severin


August 22nd

Murder Ballads

Euclid Records, 5PM

Book signing with Dan Auerbach and Gabe Soria


DIY Fermented Foods

Rosalie Apothecary, 7PM

Fermented dairies, like kefire, yogurt, butter, buttermilk, and more


Stanton Moore Trio

Snug Harbor, 8PM

Galactic drummer's side project


Water Seed

Blue Nile, 9PM

Future funk stars


Treme Brass Band

d.b.a., 9PM

See the legendary band on their home turf


Rebirth Brass Band

Maple Leaf, 10PM

2 sets by the Grammy-winning brass band


Smoking Time Jazz Club

Spotted Cat, 10PM

Trad jazz masters


Particle Devotion

The Louisiana-Bred Band Talks Southern Sounds

It’s unfortunately easy for the Baton Rouge music scene to be overshadowed by the rich musical history of New Orleans. Though the Crescent City is the birthplace for many of the country's most legendary performers, the Boot's capitol is seriously gaining ground for its artistic outputs. One local band is making it their mission the bridge the gap between these two cities, while thinking ahead for eventual word domination. 


Particle Devotion is headed up by Brian Bells (vocals, rhythm/acoustic guitar, lead guitar, lead composer), a Baton Rouge native who found solace in the band following his return to his hometown. Rounding out the lineup is Clyde Bates (Synthesizer, sampler, percussion, saw), Ryan Erwin (Guitar, vocals, synthesizer), Nate Mackowiak (Bass), and Isaac Johnston (Drums). Below, the guys talk about life on the road, and how their time at LSU helped shape their sound. 


NOLA Defender (NoDef): So what is the idea that inspired the self-titled album?


Brian Bell: It was a collection of songs I wrote in Tampa, Florida. It’s kind of a love record about uh, lost love.


NoDef: Can you share a bit about the origins of the self-titled album that gave birth to the band? 


Brian Bell: I was a drunk. [Band laughs] I was a drunk and I burned my life to the ground. 


NoDef: So you were a drunk at LSU? What frat were you in? 


Brian Bell: I was in the percussion studio. That's what frat I was in. 


Clyde Bates: That’s a fuckin' frat. That’s a secret underground frat, for sure.


NoDef: So, from my understanding the band formed out of Baton Rouge?


Brian Bell: This whole thing was found around, more or around, less the school of music, like all of us meeting in music school and then taking those relationships and kind of like doing something different and new with those relationships.


Clyde Bates: Ryan’s the only one who’s really not an LSU alumni. 


In fact, Clyde is the only band member who resides in New Orleans. Despite hailing from many different parts of the country, members of Particle Devotion are committed to the Baton Rouge sound.


Years ago, residents to used to joke that the downtown center of Baton Rouge was a good place to get off the grid. Nowadays, the downtown of the capitol city is becoming home to an increasingly popular music scene, and the guys behind Particle Devotion are proud pioneers. 


Ryan Erwin: You know, you can make a normal income. You make a normal income doing what we’re doing. It’s not like embarrassing, I’m a musician. People are like oh that’s cool, that’s pretty common. That’s like normal and fun. And people are like "Haha, how are you gonna make a living? Music is cute, like how you gonna be a normal adult and make music?!" You can’t either fathom whether you’re poor or you’re a rock star rolling in millions. Most people who do the kinda music we do, they're like us. They’re normal people just trying to make a living.


Though deeply embedded in the Baton Rouge sound and scene, they're not limited by the city. Nor do they reject the musical promised land that New Orleans offers to so many other artists. 


Clyde Bates: What this band is trying to do, you can’t really differentiate between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.


Ryan Erwin: These are two cities very close together, and [we] play both cities.


Brian Bell: The band is from different places. We grew up in different places, and we met in Louisiana, and we really loved it here. I think we’re a band that plays New Orleans, but not a New Orleans band.


The band is thinking far beyond the Boot, as well. Their first self-titled album which debuted in October 2015, following Bell’s departure to Tampa, offers a lush indie sound that is simply too big, too professional, and too conceptual to be confined to the south. 


Ryan Erwin: In reality, he [Bell] wrote the album in Baton Rouge, but his mind was in Tampa. 


The sound explored in Particle Devotion’s debut is reminiscent of the sunny suburban-gone-beach party vibe one might associate with Tampa. Bell serves as the band’s immemorial Floridian version of Kurt Cobain, descending upon collegiates to let them reign free on his compositions.


The freedom and precision with which the band members explore Bell's heartfelt compositions are telling of the band’s impressive musical backgrounds. LSU’s School of music has always lived up to its reputation as one of the most influential music programs in the country. Other influential Baton Rouge musicians such as Scott Graves (drums) and Jon Cleary (bass) seem to show up at every other Particle Devotion gig to pay tribute.  


Particle Devotion is currently at work on another album that promises to be more reflective of their late night travels between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The band has also been amassing an impressive touring repertoire that rivals the best of New Orleans’s musicians.  


You can see them perform live at Siberia on June 22nd. Details here


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