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Palin Swaps Sides and Teas Up for Cassidy

Local and National conservatives spent the better part of the last year campaigning against Representative Bill Cassidy. However, politics is the profession that popularized the term “flip-flop,” and changes are not uncommon. Few were surprised when Cassidy staged a Saturday (11.15) rally with tea partiers Sarah Palin, Phil Robertson, and Colonel Rob Maness.


The quartet joined Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne at at Ralph Abraham's hanger near Monroe Regional Airport rally the base yesterday afternoon.


Palin said, "We don't need a fundamental transformation of America, we need a fundamental restoration of all that's good and safe and free in America.”


However, the former half term Alaska governor previously slammed her new project. In an October 31st statement, Palin takes Cassidy to task, writing, “Look, it's most telling that the political machine's deputized one won't even show up at debates to defend his record. No wonder he's slithering down in the polls and this race is slipping away from the GOP. It's because Louisiana voters know they deserve better than Cassidy's M.O.”


Palin also accuses Cassidy of cardinal conservative sins like voting with Obama and “dissing Ronald Reagan.”


Cassidy had a tough battle against fundamentalists within the G.O.P. in the general election. Tea Party darling Maness carried the support of Palin and conservatives such as Tony Perkins to a 14 percent finish.


Cassidy and incumbent Landrieu are now heading to a December 6th primary.

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