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The Outsider Comes Inside: Maness Joins Cassidy Camp

Colonel Rob Maness, the outsider candidate in the race for US Senator from Louisiana, has not wasted very much time in learning how to operate inside politics. The Tea Party darling finished in third place on Election Day (11.04) with 13.76 percent of the note meaning that he did not qualify for the runoff. However, Maness quickly moved his support to Representative Bill Cassidy, the Republican establishment candidate whom he has criticized for the past year.


On Thursday (11.06), Maness went on a “double date” with Cassidy at Ye Olde College Inn in NOLA with Cassidy. The pair seemed to work out their differences. Cassidy recounted the dinner on Facebook writing, “Before it over, Bill even helped me put a new bumper sticker on the Truck.”


Maness also announced that he will rally for Cassidy along with Senator Rand Paul on Monday at Huey’s in Baton Rouge. A press release later added that Governor Bobby Jindal and Senator David Vitter will also speak at the event.


Maness has not always been supportive of Cassidy. Over the last few months, he nicknamed Cassidy the “Duck” because of his failure to debate. In a series of web pieces, Maness also proffered the idea that Cassidy and Landrieu hold the same stances.


The full text of Maness’ conciliatory Facebook post is below


“Candy and I enjoyed a double date with Bill and Laura Cassidy tonight at Ye Olde College Inn in New Orleans. Thanks to the Blancher family for hosting us and to Jimmy and the staff for a great New Orleans meal! Congressman Cassidy and I had a positive discussion concerning our shared love for our country and for Louisiana. We also spoke about important points of public policy including the ongoing situation in Bayou Corne, the REDEEM Act, and Sen. Lee's Conservative Reform Agenda... I even encouraged Bill to take a look at our Contract with Louisiana and to hop in the truck a join me in Bayou Corne to learn more about the challenges facing the displaced residents. I shared with Bill some thoughts on ways to grow our party and keep our elected officials more connected to those they serve. Before it was over, Bill even helped me put a new bumper sticker on our Truck. Looking forward to joining with Congressman Cassidy and Senator Rand Paul this Monday at noon in Baton Rouge at Huey's, 350 3rd Street! You're all invited; I hope to see you there! --

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