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Notes from the (Weather) Undergound: Isaac

Isaac is continuing to dance his Cajun two step through SoLa, but the dance has a strange twist. the storm has weakened, but is moving very slowly. NoDef is there, and below are notes of all the latest updates. (Yes, you can flush your toilet again!)



Weather Update: isaac was downgraded to a tropical storm early this afternoon, starting a gradual weakening that is supposed to take the storm inland. New Orleans is almost due east, as it sits about 40 mi S,SE of the center of the storm. Top winds are at 70 mph. Storm surge on Lake Pontch is between 5-8 ft., up to 9 ft on the North Shore causing flooding there. Isaac remains slow moving at 6 mph.


Fleming: "The system has not been challenged, We've been tested." Pumping station at 17th street canal briefly went down, but operators were able to get it back on.


Jindal: Storm is basically stationary. (Sorry, Bobby. Tampa is definitely out of the question.)


Nungesser: we didn't expect this from Cat1. flooding at Pointe aus Lexx overtopping and Myrtly Grove. Jesuit bend levees overtopped. Braithwaite had massive flooding after levee overtopped. 20+ evacuees from rooftops and attics.


Fugate, FEMA is here: First responsibility is always to state local and neighbors. This is not over. There is no such thing as a tropical storm.


3 or 4 days to drain floodwaters when punching holes on the levee.


Laplace and Madisonville also areas of concern right now


New Orleans: The city was contacted about possible overtopping at the maxent canal in Village de l'Est. Officials inspected the area and determined there is no overtopping at this time.


The city also announced they fixed the power problems with the wastewater plant. It is okay to flush the toilet again, and no other problems are expected.

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