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Night Out Against Crime Spurs 250 Events Across New Orleans

by Erica Boni

Tonight marks the 29th annual night out against crime, an event initially organized by Officer Kelly Marrione of the NOPD in an effort to increase communication between district officials and the people and neighborhood organizations in the areas they patrol. The national Night Out took place on October 7 in the rest of the country, but was postponed until tonight in New Orleans to take advantage of the cooler weather.  


Celebrations begin at 5:30 with a kickoff party at St. Peter Claver Church (1923 St Philip St.). Mayor Mitch Landrieu will be in attendance along with Superintendent Ronal W. Serpas and several other elected officials.


Each parish hosts a separate event. This year, the Harahan gathering is being sponsored by the police department itself and will feature representatives from the State Police, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the East Jefferson Levee District Police and the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office. There will be live music a raffle, guest speakers and informational handouts.


Events in all other parishes will be organized and sponsored by individual residents along with the Neighborhood Watch and New Orleans Neighbors and Police Anti Crime Councils. The NOPD is encouraging people to get involved in whichever ways they see fit.


The Archbishop of New Orleans, Gregory Aymond has taken the incentive to heart, printing out 5,000 lawn signs with the commandment “’Thou Shall not Kill’-God” along with the group Safe St.s Strong Communities.


According to Aymond “Perhaps in someone’s rage or anger or contemplating murder, maybe if they see the sign, God could use that sign to make them think twice, maybe even change their heart."


Events will vary between the parishes as some organize live bands and cater meals while others simply host block parties and potlucks. Parties are registered with the Crime Prevention Office and invitations are extended to local fire departments and patrolling officers such that the officials can attend in an effort to establish familiarity between themselves and the people living in the areas they serve.


Below, you’ll find a full list of events, organized by police district:


First District (Treme, Mid-City)

In the first district things kick off at 3:30pm with a party sponsored by the Volunteers of America at the Terraces on Tulane. At 5pm parties will begin at each the Headquarters Barber and Beauty Salon on N. Broad, The House of Healing on Conti St., the 1400 block of St. Philip and 815 N. Roman St. At 5:30 a block party is to take place at 732 N. Broad sponsored by the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club, at the same time the Fair Grinds Neighborhood Association hosts their event at Stallings playground on Gentilly Blvd. and another event will begin on each the 200 block of S. Pierce St. and 3316 St Philip St. There will be parties on each the 900 block of Harding at Delgado, the 2400 block of Lapeyrouse, the 600 block of N. Rocheblave., 2200 Lafitte St., Leticia’s Barber and Beauty salon on Tulane Ave., the 2000 block of St Philip, 533 S. Cortez, the 300 block of Telemachus St., 1239 N. Dorgenois, 2222 Columbus St., 2317 Bienville St the 2and 3625 Iberville as well as in the Iberville Housing Development each beginning at 6pm.


Second District (Uptown, Central City, Broadmoor )

Events in the second district begin at 3pm on the 2800 block of Louisiana Ave. and continue at 5pm with block parties on each the 8700 block of Green St., the 8400 block of Jeanette St. and the 1900 block of Foucher St. At 5:30 the Hope Meyer Bouligny Association will be hosting a park event at Lawrence Square Park on Napolean and Magazine. Events are to take place at each 4221 Walmsley Ave., the 4900 Block of Constance St., the 2700 block of Octavia St., Palmer Park, the 800 Block of Valence, 340 Audubon Blvd., 1036 Soniat St. and Conrad Park at 6pm as well.


Third District (7th Ward, Gentilly)

In the Third District, events begin at 3pm with a block party at the corner of Westbrook/Owens and Paris/Westbrook and one at 5825 St. Roch and continue at 5pm at each 4554 Desire Drive, the 4500 block of Frenchmen at Sumpter St., the 3700 block of Orleans Ave., The Stop Jockin Barber and Beauty shop on St. Bernard Ave. and the Park Place Premier Barber School on Gentilly Blvd. At 5:30 events will kick off at Holy Cross School on Paris Ave., the corner of Anette and Lombard Streets, St. Bernard at Harrison Ave., the 2500 block of Clover St., 5865 Vicksburg St., the 6100 block of Louisville Blvd., the 6500 block of General Diaz, Union Park at W. St. Roch and Humanity, the 6500 block of Marshall Fochand and Marigny between Lombard and Mirabeau Avenues. At 6pm events will take place at each the Gentilly Terrace Charter School, 621 David St., 822 Conrad St., the 4400 block of Venus, the 5800 block of Argonne Blvd., the 5900 block of General Diaz, 4824 Mendez Drive, the end of Spanish Fort Blvd., Marshall Foch between Chapelle and Mouton, Florida and Ada Place, the 6300 block of Louisville, the 300 block of Virginia Court, the Gulf Coast Bank 7 Trust at 848 harrison Ave., the 6600 block of Vicksburg, under the I-610 near Anette, the 6500 block of Colbert, the 6800 block of Marshall Foch, the 5800 block of Memphis, Lake Oaks Park at Elysian Fields, the 6500 block of Vicksburg, 343 Sharon Drive, Hawthorn place and Canal Blvd., the 6700 block of Colbert, 201 S. Murat, 3819 Virgil Blvd., 210 S. Murat, 3636 Gibson St. the Lakeview Presbyterian Church at Louis XIV & Brooks and 5900 General Haig. At 6:30 block parties will begin on each the 800 block of Hidalgo St., the 4800 block of Desire Drive, 6725 Wuerpel St., 602 N. St. Patrick and Clematis/Peoples Ave./Gentilly Blvd. Finally at 7pm a party will be held on the 5800 block of General Diaz.


Fourth District (Algiers)

In the fourth district events begin at four with the Fischer Senior Village party at 1400 Semmes. At 5pm parties will take place at each the Mount Olivet Episcopal Church on Pelican Ave., 615 Newton St., 1417 Nunez St., 1629 Odeon Ave. and Hendee and Wagner Streets. Events will kick off at each the 3500 block of Bacchus Drive, Timber Ridge Drive and Meadow Park Lane, O. Perry Walker High School on General Meyer and Tall Oak Drive at Post Oak and White Oak Avenues at 5:30pm. A half an hour later events parties will take place at Teche and Slidell, The Alice Harte School on General Meyer, the cul-de-sac on Lennox Blvd., the 1800 block of Newton, The Aurora Country Club at 5244 General Meyer, the Apostlic Church at 3160 General Meyer, and 1852 E. Homestead Drive. Following these, at 6:30 parties will be held at each the #1 Park Timbers Drive Swim and Tennis Club, Fiesta St. between St. Nick and Valentine Court and 707 River Oaks Drive.


5th District (Marigny-Bywater, 9th Ward, St. Roch)

In the 5th district events begin at 5pm with parties on the 3400 block of Desire Parkway, Forstall and Lizardi Streets, Kentucky and Marias Streets, 2700 Charters St. and the 1700 Block of Lesseps St. At 5:30 parties will begin at 1914 Industry, the 1500 block of Pauger St., and the St. Paul Church of God In Christ at 5000 St. Claude Ave. At 6pm events kick off at 5723 Chartres St., 925 Montegut, 701 Jordan Ave., 1227 Tupelo St., The United Full Gospel Baptist Church at 2401 Anette, the 3100 block of Rampart St., Truevine Baptist Church at 2008 Marigny St., the 1st Pilgrim Baptist Church at 1228 Arts St., Bunny Friend Park at Gallier and Desire, 2163 Aubry, 3901 Royal St. and the 700 block of Port St. Lastly at 7pm there will be a party on the 1000 block of Montegut St.


Sxith District (Central City, Lower Garden District)

In the 6th district parties kick off at 4 on each 3320 Baronne St., the 2500 block of 2nd St., the 2000 block of M.L.K. Blvd. and 472 Josephine St. A block party will begin at 4:30 at St. Andrews and St. Thomas Streets and at 5 parties will be held at New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood at 4141 St. Charles Ave., Guste Home High-Rise at 1301 Simon Bolivar and the Israelites Baptist Church at 2100 M.L.K. Blvd. At 5:30 an event will take place at Xavier University on Drexel Drive and S. Carrolton Ave., the Young Leadership Council at 1840 Euterpe St., 2433 Drydades St., Coliseum Square Park, Erato between S. Prieur at Galvez, 4201 Erato St. and 1929 Jackson Ave. Following these at 6om parties begin at 4025 S Saratoga St., 2338 M.L.K. Blvd., 2101 S. Liberty, the 1300 block of S. Roman St., The Sixth Baptist Church at 928 Felicity, 3536 La. Ave. Pkwy., the 3900 block of Camp St., the 700 block of General Taylor St., Clay/Burke Park at Annunciation and Chippews and 3300 S. Robertson St. Finally, at 7pm an events kick off at 3709 and 3711 Constance St.


7th District (East New Orleans)

The 7th districts events begin at 3pm at the New Life Church of Christ Holiness at 5918 Babylon and continue at 4pm at the New Life Church of Christ at 5918 Babylon St., the Willows Apartment complex at 7001 Lawrence road and on the 8200 block of Aberdeen Rd. On Hanover Rd. between Plainfield and Brookfield Drive, at #20 N. Blue Ridge Court, Picture Me Rollin Barber Shop at 8480 Morrison Rd, 5860 Kensington Blvd. and 9431 Morrison Rd parties begin at 5pm. A half an hour later events begin at Two Tradewinds Court on the cul-de-sac, the Suburbuan Baptist Church at10501 Chef Menteur Highway, 7328 Beaconfield Drive, the 4900 block of Cardenas Drive, Wales and Reindeer St., the 7200 block of Chadbourne drive and the 7600 block of Crestmont Rd. at 6pm parties begin in the following areas: the 7600 block of Ebbtide Drive, 9640 Haynes Blvd., 5079 Bullard Ave., Nord Park on Curran Rd., 13110 Bishop C.L. Morton Dr., Kristen Court and Bullard, 5555 Bullard Ave., 7100 Lake Willow Dr., Weaver at E. Rockton Circle and E. Wheaton Circle, Old Firehouse at Venetian Isles on Old Spanish Trail and Alba roads, Wright Road and Old Spanish Trail, the corner of Shadowlawn and E. Renaissance Court, Easterlyne and Maxine and on the 4800 block of Chantilly drive At the Peace Park. At 6:30 on the 4700 block of Francisco Verret Drive, 7733 Ligustrum drive, the corner of Wales and Ebbtide, the Walnut Square apartments community Center at the 8501 I-10 Service Rd. and Castnet Seafood at 10826 Haynes Blvd., parties will be taking place.


8th District (CBD, French Quarter, Marigny)

In the 8th district a block party at Maries on the 900 block of St. Roch begins at 5pm, an indoor/outdoor party will take place at Big Daddy’s at 2513 Royal at 5:30 and parties will take place at 6 at each the Friendly Bar at 2301 Chartres St., The American Sector Restaurant at Pooeyfarre and Magazine Streets, the 500 block of Madison, the 900 block of St. Peter and the Beauregard-Keys House Driveway at 1113 Chartres St. At 7pm there will be a rooftop party at the D.H. Holmes apartments at 810 Bienville St. as well as another at the Gravier Place Apartments at 837 Gravier St.

Erin Rose
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