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NFL Looking Into Alleged Junior Galette Beach Brawl (Video)

Junior Galette is once again at the center of scandal off the gridiron. A man looking a lot like the Saints linebacker appears in a 2013 Youtube video (below) at the center of a beach brawl, throwing several punches as well as whipping a man, a woman, and a crowd with his belt.


After first scooped the video’s existence, several the Saints responded with a public statement. "We were made aware of the video, and we sent it to the league office," said Saints spokesman Greg Bensel. "There is a process this will go through at the league office level, and we are waiting on that to be determined.”


Then Galette's attorney Ralph Whalen declared the situation a case of mistaken identity and stated that the man in the video is not Galette.


The video titled, “Spring Break 2013 South Beach Brawl” begins with a frenzied crowd watching the man alleged to be Galette shoving, punching, and belt-whipping two men. He then strikes a woman twice with his belt before friends escort him away. However, a secondary scuffle then breaks out and the man-who-may-or-may-not be Galette rushes is back into the fray for a couple of shoves.


In January, Galette was arrested in a domestic violence case, but the charges were later dropped. The incident occurred at Galette’s Kenner home. The female victim allegedly spent the night with Galette before the incident occurred. She claims that Galette and his cousin attacked her after she refused to leave without cab fare. Galette told police that the victim was a "dancer" and not an intimate.


Despite the legal clearance, Galette still is scheduled to meet with NFL officials later this month to discuss potential league sanctions.


Galette transferred from Temple University after being suspended from their football team. He later talked about the trouble with the T-P, saying, “I was 19, 20 years old, and I wasn't mature and ready for being that captain and being here and getting to the meetings 30 minutes early. I saw it a whole 'nother way. And now I'm just like, 'Man, what was I doing?’” He completed college at Stillman College in Tuscaloose, Alabama and then signed with the Saints in 2014. 


In 2014, he inked a four year, 41.5 million dollar contract extension. Like the rest of the team, he had a disappointing 2014 season with only 10 sacks.

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