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New Trial Begins for ex-NOPD Officer Convicted in Henry Glover Case

The ghosts of post-K chaos continue to linger at Camp and Poydras. Jury selection began Monday morning in a new trial for one of the former NOPD officers who was convicted in connection with the death of Henry Glover. David Warren, who shot Glover near a strip mall in Algiers on Sept. 2, 2005, was granted the new day in court by a federal appeals panel last year.


The Glover case, which was first uncovered by the Nation Magazine, the Times-Picayune and Pro Publica, was the first post-Storm police shooting case to go to trial. After Glover was shot, William Tanner tried to take Glover to police headquarters, but was ordered to exit the car. Police drove Glover's body to a wooded area of a levee batture, and set the car on fire with a flare while the body was still inside.  


The trial will once again bring to light a portion of what the Appeals Court called a "grisly tale." However, the jury will only hear about the shooting itself, since Warren is only charged in that portion of the case. In their ruling, the Appeals Court noted that they were swayed to grant a new trial because of the photographs of the burned car and other images from the case that did not relate to the shooting.


"Some of the evidence and testimony would have been inadmissable against Warren had he been tried alone..." the Appeals Court ruling stated.


So, the jury will be left to consider whether Warren deprived Glover of his civil rights, and unlawfully used a weapon to that end. Warren and officer Linda Howard were assigned to guard the NOPD's 4th District DIU office in the strip mall, located near the corner of Gen. De Gaulle Drive and Texas Drive. 


While patrolling the strip mall, Warren saw a man riding his bicycle. He passed the area four times. On the fifth, Warren fired a warning shot with his rifle.


Warren later ran into a pair of women pushing a shopping cart full of items outside the strip mall. He asked if it was their property. They said no, and Warren told the women to leave.


The two women later ran into Glover and Bernard Calloway, and asked the two men to go back to the strip mall and get the items, so they could then take the goods and evacuate.


When Glover and Calloway drove up, Warren heard them and ran out onto a balcony. He saw them getting out of their car, and testified in the last trial that he then ordered them to get back. Warren testified that the two began to run, and he fired a shot. 


Glover then began to run, and collapsed on the ground. The nature and motivation for the shooting, however, remained much in dispute. In the first trial, Warren testified that he believed Glover had a weapon in his hand at the time of the shooting.


Howard's view of the events was obstructed because she was around the corner on the balcony. Her testimony in the first trial provided two different versions of events to the jury, the appeals court wrote. The prospect of a more definitive statement from Howard will make her a key witness once again.


Warren was initially sentenced to 25 years in prison after a 2011 trial along with two other officers who were connected to the case. But the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Warren should have been tried separately from the other police. With the officers all tried together but facing separate charges, the jury may have been misled into thinking the charges were similar, the appeals panel wrote.


U.S. District Judge Lance Africk will preside over the trial.




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