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New Orleans Named One of the Most Stressed Cities in America

Whether due to workplace deadlines, lovers quarrels, or an uncertain political climate, stress is unavoidable. A new study reveals that life in the Big Easy isn’t all that easy, with New Orleans ranked in the top 20 most stressed cities in the country. WalletHub conducted the survey, analyzing 150 American cities on key criteria related to work, financial, health, safety, and family stressors. 


The Crescent City’s final score was 49.02 — ranking in 19th place. New Orleans was one of many Southern cities included in the top 20, alongside Jackson, MS (in 4th); Miami, FL (in 5th); Birmingham, AL (in 6th); Augusta, GA (in 9th); Shreveport, LA (in 10th); Baltimore, MD (in 11th); Richmond, VA (in 13th); Memphis, TN (in 14th); Mobile, AL (in 15th); Montgomery, AL (17th); and Hialeah, FL (in 18th).  


According to the findings, NOLA came in 14th place for financial stress, which analyzes rates of poverty and bankruptcy, as well as median debt, credit score, annual household incomes, and housing affordability. 


New Orleans ranked in 10th place for highest work-related stress, an indicator that reveals the city’s shortcomings in terms of average weekly work hours, commuter times, income growth, and rates of unemployment and underemployment. In a more in-depth metric, the city ranked fourth for lowest job security, behind Shreveport, LA (in first); Corpus Christi, TX; and Tulsa, OK. 


The study also found that the Big Easy came in 30th place for health and safety stress. This category examines the share of adults in fair or poor health, physical activity rates, amount of green space in the city, crime rates per capita, average sleep per night, and overall well-being. Mental health is also considered, as are suicide rates, share of adults diagnosed with depression, and share of adults who are smokers or binge drinkers. 


Thankfully, New Orleanians can lean on their family and community for support in troubling times. The city ranked 96th in the family stress category, which looks at divorce rates, duration of marriages, share of potential cheaters, share of single parents, and strength of social ties. 


Check out WalletHub's graphic below to see where all the states rank. 

Source: WalletHub

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