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After the Parades: 2.7.13

Fussy street cleaners and sirens signal the end of Thursday parades, but once the krewes stop rolling the party really gets in gear.  There’s no better way to kick off Mardi Gras madness than with some pre-weekend Carnival crooners and old New Orleans favorites.  


Even with a neck weighed down by plastic beads, one foot stuck in a Muses shoe and a handful of Babylonian coins strut on down the city to check out some of the Thursday festivities. Juvenile goes back to his roots at the House of Blues, alternative country kills it at Tip’s and the Prytania bar welcomes from Delta travelers.  From blues to bounce tonight’s lineup has it all.  Check out the rest of the events below:  



Hot Boys Mardi Gras Takeover 
House of Blues (11 pm)  
Back that thang up with New Orleans rappers Turk and Juvenile as they serenade their home city with Hot Boys classics like “Neighborhood Superstar” and “We on Fire.”  Originally this late nineties rap squad also featured international superstar Lil Wayne and B.G, but New Orleans will settle for half.  Fellow artists Ceto and Lil Buck also promote their new mixed tape with a release party.  


Old 97s 
Tipitina’s (10 pm)
See what’s new with the Old 97s, the alternative country band from Dallas, Texas.  With lead singer Rhett Miller on the mic, Murray Hammond walking the bass, Ken Bethea on guitar and Philip Peeples on the drums, New Orleans looks forward to another spirited performance. This nineties band first caught the country’s attention with their album Hitchhike to Rhome, but still couldn’t quite take the music world by storm. Nonetheless, they paved the way for other alt country bands looking for a break.  


Flow Tribe and Mississippi Rail Co. 
Prytania Bar (9 pm)  

Returning for a second year, Flow Tribe makes their Muses night performance at Prytania Bar a tradition. Everyone’s favorite funk-rock sextet performs with the Mississippi Rail Company and folk singers Star and Micey.  The Mississippi Rail Co brings a contemporary edge to bluegrass roots, while Star and Micey make their way from Memphis to funk up the folk.  


The AmBrassadors 
Café Istanbul (10 pm)
It’s Muses night and Istanbul is getting loud.  The Ambrassadors represent the best of New Orleans brass bands with a mix of covers and original compilations, ranging from funk to rock to good ole fashion New Orleans jams.  Certainly the crowd will also hear a familiar Mardi Gras tune or two.   


Bounce XXIII
The Republic (10 pm)

Partners-N-Crime, DJ Jubilee, Ricky B & Cheeky Blakk, DJ Lil Man and others celebrate the beginning of Mardi Gras with a Mardi Gras bounce blowout.  Aside from a full night of dancing— working off those king cake pounds— the night brings no lack of surprises or guest performances as some of the best in the bounce business take to the stage.   


The Revivalists 
Howlin’ Wolf (10 pm)
The wolf welcomes Mardi Gras the best way they know how: with free stuff.  Starting with The Revivalists on Thursday, all shows are free.  Named the best emerging artist of 2011 in Gambit Magazine they’re no second hand band.  These New Orleanians know how to carry a tune, write a song and give their audience one epic show.  


Gold and the Rush 
Circle Bar (10 pm)

Jack McGregor, Chris Littlejohn, Mark Strella, Sam Ferguson and Jackson Ramsey have struck gold with their sultry mix of old country and rock.  Beginning with the Circle Bar, they take Mardi Gras by storm with several appearances throughout the week.   


Happy Talk Band 
DBA (10 pm)  

There’s been a lot of talk about this band and it’s all good.  A perfect sound to liven up your Thursday night, this group of musicians keeps up with the Mardi Gras tempo.  Having performed at Jazz Fest, Voodoo and beyond, they’re no stranger to the stage.  

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