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New Orleans Hornets to Officially Become the Pelicans

New Orleans Hornets owner Tom Benson's affinity for the Pelicans franchise was a poorly-kept secret from the start. So it’s only fitting that the official transition to the Pelicans name — complete with the intro video and new logo (pictured) — leaked to Twitter a couple hours before the announcement. (Benson confirms here.)


All credit goes to the suddenly-internet-famous tweeter cdude9590 for the find.


Mixed opinions abound on the new logo. The Pelicans name took some time to grow on us, so we’ll reserve judgement on this as well. The color scheme is definitely novel, though — does any team in sports have a pink-ish red that looks anything like that?


It will likely be a few months before the Pelicans unveil the new jerseys, as the name of the team will not officially change until the end of the 2012-13 seasion.


All variations of the logo are up at (pictured).


The team said the name symbolizes "Louisiana’s most pressing initiative of coastal restoration and wildlife conservation."


“When we purchased the basketball team, it was a priority to change the name to reflect our culture, our community and our resolve. The Pelican does that,” Benson said in a statement. “Our region has been hard hit in recent years and the one thing that stands out is the resiliency and determination to comeback, to fight and overcome. The Pelican symbolizes that.


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