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New Orleans Film Fest Picks: 10.14.13

It might be Monday, but fortunately there are plenty of movies to see tonight. After a packed weekend, the New Orleans Film Festival continues with encores and more new offerings for the rest of the week. Today, the Fest is especially looking to cure the workweek blues, taking a look at horns, mixology and Calvin & Hobbes. There's also a look at Louisiana's disappearing coast Here's five picks from the Monday schedule.


Water Like Stone Southeast Louisianans is no stranger to talk about our disappearing Louisiana coastline, but pairing the talk with a trip down to a good fishing spot will always ensure that the conversation keeps going. This documentary enters the urgent conversation through Leeville, Louisiana, a fishing community that probably won't exist within a few decades if the land loss persists. (Prytania Theatre, Noon)


Brasslands New Orleans is no stranger to horns in the street, but one likely has to go to Serbia to find the largest concentration of trumpets per capita in a given weekend. This documentary heads to the village of Guca, which hosts one of the largest trumpet competitions in the world. The doc follows the NYC brass band Zlatne Uste as they represent the USA's first entry into the competition. (Prytania, 2 p.m.)


Hey Bartender Cocktails can provide plenty of motivation to quit your job, especially when there's prestige in being the person who makes them. This documentary takes a look at the beverage industry, with all of its pace and, of course, partying. Steve Schneider, Ann Tuennerman and others featured in the film will be around afterwards for a Q&A, and there will be a reception following the screening. Read local craft cocktail expert Rhiannon Enlil's review here.


They Glow in the Dark Former lovers Michael and Jim try to start over in New Orleans, moving to the Crescent City in the wake of the Federal Flood. With limited means and afflicted with HIV, the two try to make a living selling handmade dolls in the French Market. This Greek documentary follows the pair as they try to keep going in spite of it all. (Canal Place, 7:30 p.m.)


Dear Mr. Watterson The much-loved comic strip Calvin & Hobbes was active for 10 years, but remains a fan favorite. The man behind the funnies is Bill Watterson, who is living a quiet life in Ohio, and still refuses to license his characters. This documentary looks to find out how Watterson and his pen were able to connect with the comic-loving public at such a visceral level. (Chalmette Movies, 7 p.m.)


Magical Universe Continuing on the "Portrait of the Artist" track, this documentary takes a look at 88-year-old Al Carbee. The Maine artist creates dioramas using Barbie dolls, which are rarely seen outside of his house. The filmmaker befriended the artist, which is the point of entry into a look at how Carbee's creative mind works. (Canal Place, 6 p.m.)


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