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New Orleans Cop Charged With Hiding Evidence Before Boys Allegedly Shot Officer Holloway

Answers to the questions surrounding the shooting death of Officer Daryle Holloway are beginning to emerge. On Monday (7.06). New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) Officer Wardell Johnson was placed on emergency suspension and arrested. He is accused of hiding evidence during the initial arrest of Travis Boys. Boys allegedly shot Holloway hours later.


The NOPD says that during detectives from the Public Integrity Bureau (PIB) began looking into the arrest that came before Holloway took custody of Boys, his suspected assassin. PIB contends that on June 20 Boys pointed a .40 caliber handgun at a 47-year-old female and fired single shot, but did not hit her. The incident occurred on the 2500 block of Pearce Avenue around 4:00a.m. according to the police.


Fifth District night watch Officers Wardell Johnson and Ryan Morgan responded to the incident and recovered a .38 caliber gun, the spent .40 casing, and a box of .40 caliber rounds. PIB claims that body cameras from both officers show “that Officer Johnson deliberately attempted to leave the .40 caliber casing on the scene of the reported aggravated assault and not process it for evidence.”


Further the internal affairs detectives allege that Johnson proceeded to throw the box of bullets out his window near the intersection of Morrison Road and Downman Road. A statement from the NOPD explains that Johnson initially denied the actions, but confessed in a second interview.


PIB subsequently arrested Wardell Johnson, a 12 year veteran of the force, on one count of Obstruction of Justice, one count of Malfeasance in Office and one count of Theft.


“I am extremely disgusted and outraged by the lack of professionalism and integrity shown by this officer based on the evidence we discovered today,” said NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison in a statement. “This is an example of sloppy police work with a clear intent to cover it up, and it will not stand. The PIB Force Investigation Team has spent countless hours collecting and reviewing evidence in this investigation and we will continue to aggressively follow every lead to ensure justice for all victims involved.”


After Boys initial arrest, Johnson and Morgan proceeded to transport Boys to the Fifth District where Holloway was ultimately tasked with taking him to Lock-Up. During that trip, Boys is accused of killing Officer Holloway.


At some point en route to OPP, Boys managed to gain mobility despite the handcuffs and then fatally shot Holloway before fleeing according to Chief Harrison.


Police recovered two guns, the .38 caliber revolver used in the original battery and .40 caliber Smith and Wesson, neither of which were Holloway’s gun says Harrison. The Chief adds that Holloway's service pistol was reovered in its holster.


A massive manhunt ensued with tips pouring in from across the region. Police say that they initially spotted Boys driving a stolen Dodge pickup. The U.S. Marshall and the NOPD chased the truck until it crashed in the St. Roch neighborhood explains Harrison. A foot chase then ensued, but Boys once again got away concedes the Chief.


However, the morning of July 21, a “young, brand new officer with his training officer” eyeballed Boys wearing “busted handcuffs” and boarding an RTA bus in the Lower Ninth Ward according to the Superintendent. This time, the police say that they got their man and arrested Boys after he disembarked from the bus.


The Independent Police Monitor is monitoring the on-going investigation

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