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Mule Dies in Quarter Causing Minor Delays

The Quarter is not a car friendly neighborhood. Aside from pedestrians in the streets and swerving tourists gripping hand grenades, those who make the mistake of taking their car into the Vieux Carré often gripe about being stuck behind a buggy. On Monday (1.19), one carriage briefly caused additional traffic delays when a mule died in the street.


Around 9:45a.m., the animal expired near the intersection of Royal Street and Governor Nicholls Street. Witnesses said that the death was quick and sudden. After the driver disengaged the carriage, Royal was closed off. A flatbed pickup arrived to serve as a hearse and the mule was loaded on and then covered with a tarp before being taken away.


The mules (not horses) pull the popular buggies throughout the Quarter. Three companies, Royal Carriages, Mid-City Carriages and Good Old Days Carriages, control almost all of the industry. They all emphasize proper treatment of the animals and stress limited hours for the mules, S.P.C.A. inspections, and multi-month farm furloughs for each ass. 


On account of the holiday, neither the city’s Taxicab Bureau or the Ground Transportation Bureau could be reached for comment.


In 2011, the carriages sparked a small controversy when an unlicensed driver’s white horse collapsed and died on Bourbon Street.

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