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Mike the Tiger Battling Cancer

LSU looks to have a strong squad ready for the 2016 season, but one of the most beloved Tigers has been diagnosed with a terminal disease. Mike the Tiger is battling a rare from of cancer according to school officials.


Mike’s vet and student caretakers noticed a lump on the right side of Mike’s face last week. Subsequent tests revealed that the big cat is suffering from spindle cell sarcoma stated school officials at a Monday (5.23) morning presser.


However, Mike will fight the disease. His vet, Dr. Baker and Mary Bird Perkins â Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center will employ “a new and highly sophisticated form of radiation therapy called ‘Stereotactic radiotherapy,’ or SRT,” explained a statement from LSU. SRT delivers radiation to the tumor in a highly focused manner, sparing surrounding, normal tissues so complications are reduced. Treatment may be given as a single, high dose or as fractionated doses given daily for up to three days. “


The program is intended to reduce any suffering and extend the mascot’s lifetime to one to two years as opposed to the two month prognosis should Mike go untreated.


The current Mike, Mike VI (nee Roscoe) is a 450-pound, Siberian-Bengal mix who lives in a recently remodeled 15,000 square foot habitat near the stadium. He made the Purple and Gold team in 2007.


Last year, one LSU student senator launched a campaign to build a tomb for the Mikes on campus. Mike I was donated to the Louisiana Museum of Natural History. Mike II was buried was buried on the levee by the Mississippi River. The fate of the other Mike II and Mike III is a mystery. Mike IV and Mike V’s were cremated and then placed in the Jack and Priscilla Andonie Museum.


Other SEC schools already have memorials to their mascots. The University of Georgia buries passed Bulldogs by the gates of Sanford Stadium and Texas A&M has a graveyard for their Rough Collies. Landry notes that after stadium expansion obstructed site lines between the scoreboard and the Collies’ resting place, Texas A&M built a special scoreboard that the deceased mascots could “see.”

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