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Mayor Mitch Landrieu Talks Monuments and POTUS Plans on 'Meet the Press'

In an interview on "Meet the Press," Mayor Mitch Landrieu spoke with NBC host Chuck Todd about everything from the "symbolic move" of the monuments removal to his future plans once he leaves office this fall. Watch the interview below. 


The interview centered on the mayor's involvement in the take down of the Confederate monuments, a long-standing issue in the city — and across the state and country, as Todd and Landrieu discussed. In light of the 300th anniversary, Landrieu began to ask himself and New Orleanians "if the city really reflected who we are as a people." The mayor was surprised that his impassioned speech to the city's residents during the dismantling of the Lee monument found such immense popularity nationwide. "It was intended for a local audience," he said, but "evidently it's an issue that people across the country are dealing with." 


Landrieu also sounded off on the buzz surrounding a potential bid for the White House. The monuments removal, he said, "didn't have anything to do with politics." 


Watch the full interview below:

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