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Defender Picks


Matriarchal Maison Mayhem

For this year's inaugural season of New Orleans Ladies Arm Wrestling (NOLAW), the league's brawls have grown steadily from the back corner oddity in the neighborhood sports bar  (Finn McCool's), to the main event on overdrive (or was that Four Loko?) that overwhelmed a Lower Garden District watering hole (Half Moon). But the visibility of the irregularly scheduled programming has remained just a tad subterranean. The host bars were just far enough from the beaten path to make the out-of-place 40-something a scarcity. Tomorrow night at 8 p.m., that's about to change as the elbow holsters are set down at the Maison on Frenchmen St.


With salt-and-pepper post-dinner strollers and ambling Deep South drunks all fair game to be reeled in by the magnetic pull of babes and their biceps, the large windowscape that looks out onto NOLA's top local nightlife strip is likely to be reinvented as a fishbowl. For the occassion, the brawlers have lined up special, first-and-likely-last time appearances by Tina Turn Ya Over, The Vagitarian, The Ninja, Kathy Fantastico, and the ever-feard Matilda Electa Joslyn Gage. As always, all the hallmarks of barroom sports will be there: betting (for charity), adrenaline, and stinging embarrassment.


Admission is free, and bets are as low as a dollar. In a new move for the league's ever-present benevolent arm, all proceeds are going to help create a specific program, rather than being distributed as a donation to an entire organization. The money will fund a screenprinting class for women in the 7th Ward. The class is a collaboration between Louisiana Artworks' screenprinting partnership, and the 7th Ward Entrpeneurial Center.


And, there will be dancing.

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