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(Mary) Landrieu on Jindal: Hypocrite, Shameful, Self Promoter

Mary Landrieu may have moved from the Senate to K Street, but she still has some thoughts on politics both nationally and locally. Bobby Jindal aims to sit at the intersection of those realms, and former Senator was not shy about her opinion of da Gov’ in a recent interview. Simply put, Landrieu is not impressed or as she phrased it, “Bobby Jindal is a hypocrite. He’s shameful and he’s a self promoter. And, everyone in Louisiana knows this.”


The former senator was unrestrained in her disdain for Bobby J. “I’ve never said this about any other politician in my life, I’ve never seen anymore promote himself at the expense of the people that he’s supposed to serve — and it’s shameful — and I am so happy that he is at 1 percent and I hope he stays there,” Landrieu said during an interview with Real Clear Politics.


The interview was part of the website’s “Changing Lanes” series. The short video segments feature politicos being interviewed by a journalist giving them a ride.  


Landrieu invoked both Buddy Roemer and Mike Foster as better Republicans than Jinal. Then, she zeroed in on his handling of the education system, an issue close to her heart. She noted that the Governor helped pioneer Common Core before attempting to destroy it. However, net-net, Landrieu believes that he has left all tiers of the educational system in shambles.


“We don’t even really have public universities anymore,” Landrieu noted. “To have a public university you have to have public money in them or you have to have the majority of the money be public, that it is no longer the case in Louisiana.”


As for the rest of the crowded G.O.P. field, Landrieu is a fan of Marco Rubio, John Kasich, and especially Jeb Bush. “I always have been impressed with Jeb Bush. He’s been really a phenomenal leader on education reform,” she said. “I think he would be very good as a leader because the country really needs that kind of thought.”


If the previous soundbites were not enough for y’all, when asked about a Candidate J as POTUS, Mary replied, “he would be a terrible president,” she said. “He’s virtually paid no attention to our state in the last four years and simply promotes himself.”

Erin Rose
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