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Mardi Gras Parades Do the Super Bowl Shuffle

by Mary-Devon Dupuy

Championship football and Carnival will once again brush up against each other in 2013. But this time we're ready for Lombardi Gras to be staged entirely at home, and the city is happy to oblige. New Orleans hasn’t quite rescheduled Mardi Gras, but they’ve made some concessions for Super Bowl XLVII. Fat Tuesday 2013 falls relatively early on Februrary 12, a little over a week after the February 4 Super Sunday.


This year’s Carnival Celebration will be compounded by all the tourists and the football buzz, and the City decided to pass an ordinance to ensure that fans of Carnival and the Super Bowl alike have all the manpower they need on the ground to have a safe celebration.


Ordinance Calendar No. 29, 186 modifies the normal parade schedule to bump up the first round of krewes. Krewes like Oshun, Pontchartrain, Carrollton and King Arthur that ususally parade on the first weekend of Mardi Gras will instead parade the weekend before the Super Bowl (Friday January 25- Sunday January 27). Meanwhile, local favorite Krewe du Vieux is pushed all the way back to January 19, a mere 13 days after Twelfth Night. Looks like Le Monde de Merde will be a stocking stuffer next year.


City Council voted the ordinance into existence this week as a way to “ensure a full complement of New Orleans Police Department and City Department resources to accommodate Super Bowl crowds.” You can see the new schedule here.

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