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Mail Nail: NOPD Smokes Out Dealer After 5.6lb of Weed Shipped to Neighbor

Many visitors to Colorado and California think that mailing weed home is just fine. The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) disagrees. On Tuesday (12.23), police busted 20 year old Dominic Angelica with 10 pounds of marijuana 10,000 dollars in cash after a neighbor accidentally received one of his shipments.


Police say that a three day investigation revealed that Angelica was shipping the green to an apartment behind his home at 5647 General Haig Street and picking it up while the tenant was out. NOPD PIO Officer Garry Flot explains that police were tipped off when a package was delivered to a different neighbor in the 5600 block of General Haig. The neighbor opened the parcel, found 5.6 pounds of pot in vacuum sealed bags, and then called the police.


Flot explains that the clues led detectives to Angelica’s house and they obtained a warrant. Authorities say that after serving the warrant they recovered the cash, 10 pounds of marijuana (two bags medicinal and four bags regular), four containers of “earwax”, hash lollipops, Black Mamma THC drink, a grinder with residue, rolling papers, three pipes, and three vaporizers. Detectives say that empty containers in the attic provide additional evidence that the operation has been around for a while.


Angelica was booked with Possession with the Intent to Distribute Marijuana and five warrants from Jefferson Parish.

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