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Louisiana Ranked Second Worst State in the U.S. for Jobs

With the graduation season coming to a close, there is a whole new wave of people seeking jobs across the country. For applicants looking to work in the Boot, it might not be as easy as mailing out some résumés and nailing a few interviews. A new study revealed that Louisiana is second to last in the country for jobseekers, beating out only West Virginia for quality of the job market. 


WalletHub conducted the survey, analyzing the fifty states on 24 key indicators like the economic opportunities, strength of the job market, commuting and in-office time. According to the findings, Louisiana’s final score was 37.04 — ranking 49th on the list. 


The Boot ranked dead last in the country for the job market. A more in-depth metric analyzed the quality of job opportunities, for which the state came in 46th place. WalletHub also noted that Louisiana was second to last for employment growth, ranking just above North Dakota. The finding suggests that not only are the opportunities for employment lacking, there are also very few new chances for career seekers. The report also found that that state holds the third highest unemployment rate in the country. 


The state came in 28th for economic environment — a ranking that indicates Louisiana residents with jobs have a median annual income in the country, when adjusted for cost of living. 


The economic opportunities comes at a cost here, however. Louisiana rounded out the top five ranking for states where employees spend the longest time working, coming in just behind Alaska (in first), Wyoming, North Dakota, and Texas. WalletHub also found that Louisiana residents have among the lowest ratings of job satisfaction in the country, ranking 47th in the poll. 


Check out WalletHub's graphic below to see where all the states rank. 

Source: WalletHub

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