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Louisiana Named One of the Worst States for Women’s Equality

After a particularly contentious presidential election, 2017 has been largely marked by closer examinations of the female presence in politics, the workplace, and popular culture. Though progress has certainly been made in the near-century since women won the right to vote, there is still a tremendous amount of work to do. A new study further reveals the shortcomings of gender equality in the U.S., naming Louisiana as one of the top ten worst states for women’s rights. 


WalletHub conducted the survey, analyzing all 50 states in key criteria related to work, quality of education, political empowerment, personal health, safety, and other factors. Louisiana’s final score was 41.90 — ranking in 8th place. The Boot was one of several Southeastern states in the top ten, alongside Virginia (in 2nd place), South Carolina (4th place), Georgia (5th place), and Arkansas (10th place).  


Louisiana came in 10th place for worst workplace environment for women in the country, an indicators that reveals the state’s shortcomings in terms of income disparities, average number of work hours, and rates of unemployment and entrepreneurship. This finding should come as little surprise to female workers. In fact, recent reports have projected that the gender wage gap will not close until 2115 in Louisiana — one of four states expected to have a pay gap into the 22nd century. WalletHub reported that in 2017, the states holds the fifth largest income gap in the country. 


The study also found that the Boot came in dead last for political empowerment. This category examines the disparity in share of lawmakers in the Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, state legislature, and the number of female state-elected executives. In a more in-depth metric, the state ranked in first place for the largest political representation gap between men and women. 


Thankfully, female Louisianans can take some comfort in the power of their mind and body. The state ranked 14th best in the country in the category of education and health, which looks at rates of educational attainment, gender disparity of advanced education degree, differences in test scores, and disparity in doctor visit affordability. 


Check out WalletHub’s graphic below to see where all the states rank. 

Source: WalletHub

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